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The Game We Played ► Roblox

Hi, I’m Alex and I love playing Roblox games with my friends! We call ourselves ‘The Squad’! Subscribe to join us on many adventures!

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  1. Can you play Brookhaven more they have a new update Please hope y’all have roebucks😂

  2. 7:10 When levi said it's dumpy right GOT ME DYING OF LAUGHTER😂😂😂😂

  3. Soon it gonna be Halloween so early happy Halloween

  4. Happy Halloween I hope you have a nice day alex 😊

  5. Oh and tell Levi to have a amazing day and that it was from my LIZZY Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Dose anyone else want the squad to play piggy again?

  7. The character model is so beautiful. Especially the costumes, I really like the characters wearing clothes

  8. Alex is gonna win
    1ST :Alex
    no wins : Levi
    2ST : Charli
    0 wins: Luca and Sora

  9. Alex is probaly the worst in round 1 2 and 3

  10. LEVI:ho Dumpy
    Me:Fell like dumpy


  11. The popular edible meat was chicken oh you got it

  12. you put sugar in coffee too that is longer than milk

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