LINGO | The Game of Knowing 5 Letter Words

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The Game Show where knowing 5 letter words can help you solve the mystery word.



  1. This version may not be as good as Chuck Woolery’s Lingo, but I still enjoy it.

  2. you cannot tell me amanda isnt a cheri oteri character

  3. American education system on full display…MENTS

  4. The one with Chuck and shandi was so much better

  5. I've just discover the English version of this game. In France the game is call MOTUS. 
    It's fun because you have to pick-up a ball on the wall, while we puck up a ball on the table of the game. Your decor is more modern that us but our OST/Sound is better that your version. (It's my opinion) 🙂

  6. Fd data are not going anywhere else I yryryetwoulddon't know why she didn't get the wt

  7. Bring this game back! I've been a fan of this classic since 2003!

  8. Not watching it mainly because it’s LGBTQ based. No thanks. We gotta get back to making our boys into real men in this country or we’re gonna get trampled over by the communist countries trying to tear us apart.!!!!!! GTF outta here

  9. They take to long to guess the words in the final round 😭💀 just guess anything lol

  10. The way he kept shaking her would irritate the hell outta me. 😂

  11. I can’t believe this show is back
    I just incredible in love with this show since middle school

  12. The Woolery and Ru Paul versions are better.

  13. Irritating watching this young couple……Not sure they know how to play the game.

  14. Such bull……… The clue for Donut was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy. Lame show!

  15. Please tell me people aren’t this dense

  16. I may be wrong but i dont like how the old couple behaviors especially the guy he seem possessive and controlling the way how he is holding his wife so tight nah something dont seem right

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