LEAKED VIDEO Mark Zuckerberg Emotionally Fires 11,000 Facebook Employees Gives Grim Warning

Michael Cowan
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LEAKED VIDEO Mark Zuckerberg Emotionally Fires 11,000 Facebook Employees Gives Grim Warning

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  1. A censored website consisting of monolithic, woke, snowflakes who all got a trophy and have a safe space. A website antithetical to freedom of speech which is the bedrock of any democracy where ideas go to die due to censored opinion versus debate in pursuit of the truth.
    Just desserts. What's better? All those that worked there will now understand 'the real world' when tossed out of a fake alternate reality into the stark reality of the real world which average Americans face every day. To all those laid off, welcome to your new Metaverse also known as reality.

  2. Evil, partisan, spying, divisive garbage train who made billions selling our private info. #karma

  3. Hopefully he started by sacking all the bogus "fact-checkers", & censors of inconvenient truth, though somehow I doubt it.

  4. Evil fucks always get it in the ass. People will follow Satan it says.

  5. I got censored several times, one just posting a Carlin you tube video.
    Another time was when I posted a Trump add, and I showed he was a fascist.

    Then I was censored when I told them off about the George Carlin video.
    Me " are you a child ? This is SARCASM ".
    his stormtroopers are boy scouts.

  6. Yeah right "leaked" video we see you zuckerborg.

  7. KARMA because Arrogance breeds Pride which comes before a fall

  8. and he's still able to be ceo of the company? Sickening

  9. Poor employees my foot! They knew what they were doing, censoring and spying on people. Getting fired is a just reward for all their efforts.

  10. America, you haven't seen anything yet! Now that the midterms are over, expect the feds to aggressively push the prime lending rate up drastically. Democraps are full steam to 2024 elections. So crash everything now, massive bleeding in 2023, and try to see greener pastures in 2024 just in time for the elections,and counting on voters short turn memory problems!

  11. Just wait until FB is pulled back in front of Congress with all the investigations that will soon be happening….good times…

  12. I got put in fb jail many times before I could even explain my side of the story. 😂 😂😂 man I hate fb, I don’t even get on like that. I did started a Twitter account tho.

  13. He clised my fb in 2021…for this he deserve to go in bankrapsy…. and must be arrested for hiding the danger of virus… vaccines… wars…

  14. And the leftwards were worried about Twitter? Got woke, going broke

  15. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

  16. The sensor ship is the reason I packed my bags and split mark. I'm not the only one.

  17. Whatever happened, Mark Zuckerberg is already wealthy, he got assets in multiple places, private jet, super yacht. Etc etc.

  18. Oh my God the Zucker is going down. Never Meta bigger moron.

  19. watching the ZOOKER and his world crumble , just makes me happy all over ,

  20. FB is a zombie company. No one wants that meta bullshit. No one wants to live their life in a shitty VR cartoon. Complete garbage. So it ETH and all the shitcoins. The “web 3-defi” scam is unwinding quickly. #BTC

  21. Big changes come in I feel social network social media will start to collapse.

  22. Zuck is a Globalists. Spied on citizens. Zuckerbucks to overthrow elections. He should be charged. Went against freedom of speech.

  23. 😄😁😆🤣 tell me where the party is and I'll come 😅🤣🤣😅

  24. Bet he didn't give the unwanted employees the same severance package Elon Musk gave the Twitter employees

  25. Bit like fraud really, instead of creating a separate company for his meta project he commandeered Facebook. The shareholders invested in fb not meta now thier money is gone.

  26. What an asshole some success off meta

  27. Workers that don't work, (like that little boy that works at Starbuck…the cry-baby) and call working in their cubicle think tanks as work should have thought more about honest personal production rather than regurgitated miss-information from others! Because Now you really must think about your financial status with a worthless resume and bills that must be paid by YOU and not some other person! Happy to see you11,000 go…This is your big chance to coin a phrase, "To Set the World on Fire!" Good luck…P.S. Your President is having trouble paying off your school dept…SO Get Going! It Looks like you're headed for a 2-job life to ME! Welcome to the real world dreamer!

  28. Enjoy the fruits of your labor Zuk.. You deserve to lose everything; Well, you stole it in the first place. (Fuh-Que Zuk)

  29. For how he censored people and what he did with the elections. I have no pity for him or his employees I hope he and his employees loose it all.

  30. Oh no… the billionaire lost some money, over his massively corrupt company… how sad. Good riddance.

  31. Does Mark Zuckerberg actually look human in this video. Look at his eyes. They are not human.

  32. It's his business and he fu*ked up, everyone else is just an employee so tough shit, go and find another job where you have to work harder for longer like everyone else…. I know that's a bit hard but anyone that thinks this won't happen in this day and age has their head in the sand, I will let you into a secret, things will get harder in the months ahead so build your body and your mind for the days ahead and good luck

  33. Sorry, not sorry! I hear the military is hiring. 🤓

  34. Never been on any social media. I have contacts in several countries and all over the states. Guess what? We disagree, debate, exchange sources, compare knowledge and still love and respect one another. Maybe we need more God and that story as it hasn’t changed in thousands of years and doesn’t cost a penny

  35. Zuck is going down with the ship. Start playing 'Nearer, my God, to thee' .

  36. "i'm the founder and ceo" well after the CIA approached me and made the front-man for project lifelog which just happened to have been "cancelled" on the very same day facemash was reworked into facebook." you see, all the social media crap was nothing but a way to get the sheeple to voluntarily hand over their personal information, takes care of that annoying constitution crap, huh?

  37. He should have known democrats gonna F _____him big time . That's what they do if you speak up.

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