LEAKED VIDEO Mark Zuckerberg Emotionally Fires 11,000 Facebook Employees Gives Grim Warning

Michael Cowan
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LEAKED VIDEO Mark Zuckerberg Emotionally Fires 11,000 Facebook Employees Gives Grim Warning

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  1. I have as much sypmathy for them as I have for pedophiles.

  2. If you are a CEO, and it’s your responsibility to manage the company’s well-being, and the employees who work there, and your first step to remediation ANY event that harms your company is to fire 11,000 employees, then you are a INCOMPETENT idiot whose never know a responsible action in your entire life! U just hit 11,000 husbands, wives, families, kids, etc, and why, because you lacked the fortitude to live up to the due dligence common implied in the title of CEO. Pathetic!

    So hard for him, of course, Mr. Billionaire with sad eyes. BShat! This guy isnt worth the rope it would take to… .

  3. I heard it was to do with metaverse not working out

  4. The technology doesn’t exist for metaverse. It’s a lie for venture $ to try to survive. I am a ML/AI expert, and it simply can’t be done to scale. 2 years ago we hit the wall with Moore’s Law, and they hide this from the public. Tech is DONE until a new transistor is found; all are betting, incorrectly, on quantum computers, which is 20-30 years out (if viable). Until then, all tech must scale out via cloud else stay static in growth. Sorry folks, the free ride is up, and those who might would donate free tech won’t anymore thanks to distrust of government.

  5. What. His friends not going to bail him out?? Go woke GO BROKE.

  6. Do i detect gods hand in this. You well deserved it zukker.

  7. In the words of the deep south. BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART

  8. Note to Elon Musk : Please buy FB and let free speech reign !

  9. Facebook at least since about 2010 has been a control beast – as people had to put up with its constant annoying upgrades, after which users needed to recheck their security protocols which were always tampered with by Zucks' team….

    The original FB system was great & should have been left alone (ie: not tampered with by DARPA).

  10. What will happen to the apps though? Facebook owns Instagram.

  11. Scandal- what Mark did not consider, as with many liberal intellectuals, is that when karma catches up… the greater the lie… the harder the fall.
    Of which most liberals don’t consider most people understand the truth regarding “nature” but it bugs the hell out of them to even consider “normal” people have a whole different comprehension of truth than what they (liberals) are willing to believe.
    Unfortunately Zuckerberg go caught in the middle of which law enforcement (FBI) has also become our enemy!
    How does one (including) a CEO communicate with the FBI? You do what they tell you… no exceptions!
    What if he is at heart ‘innocent’ being forced into do something he didn’t want to do?

    Let’s just say I had a dream about him, of which he will able to correct his mistakes, of which his luck will turn around.
    But he needs to fire the META program… they are part of the problem!

  12. I dont understand how u spend 31 billion to a fiverr like software. I have also never net anyone use meta. The idea is so bad, he needs new people around him that don't hype his stupid ideas

  13. Go learn how to weld stop sniveling we didn't sniffle when you told us to go learn how to code

  14. Probably shouldn't have jumped in bed with the federal government and censoring

  15. Crocodile tears…too little to late. Mark the lizard fought against the side of truth. I feel no pity for him or those who worked with him. What goes ‘round comes ‘round.😊

  16. Strange how old Zuki criticised Musk sacking 7,500 from loss making Twitter whilst sacking far more at fb for the same reason!

  17. Basing your entire vision on some dumb movie about virtual reality 😜

  18. This man is onenof the many faces of evil in this world, never forget that. He does not care about you and wants to control every aspect of your life. He, like bill gates and so many other corrupt billionaires, are sick twisted authoritarian psychopaths.

  19. Well this is what happens when you silence citizens.

  20. Wow look how human lizard man becomes when he loses so much money lmfao yeah screw that dude lmfao.

  21. I will never forget what he did to the 2020 elections. He should be ashamed of himself!

  22. great tired of these techno geeks trying to sway me with there mind crap good bye and good ridden's I'll think for my self

  23. EXCELLENT. AWESOME. LOVE IT. 👍 🤙 👌 👏 ❤️

  24. This is the reward Facebook deserves for censoring free speech and their appalling level of bias. Nothing was more annoying than their misinformed and biased "fact checkers". They strayed too far away from what they were at the beginning to please big business for advertising revenue. When I learned the enormous political donations they made to one party nothing illustrated more what they were about, hardly impartial.

  25. I went woke…now I am firing you but hey I`m still a billionaire …

  26. I lost access to my account months ago because I broke my phone. I can't get access to my account but Facebook can share and give away my information SMH.

  27. That’s what happens when you meddle in our election and steal peoples voices! The people can bring you down in a heart beat? We have control not you? All we have to do is shut you off.

  28. They couldn't have been that smart if it went under

  29. its sad to hear so manny people loosing their income source, realistically tho..i think most if not all these big tech companies were and are overstaffed. Programing and automatization seemed like the easiest to implement in the field..so was expectable in a certain amount

  30. Another victory for the democracy our founders envisioned. The end of demoncrazy.

  31. That’s what happens when You except millions from Hillary Clinton to sit on your board of fact check!

  32. That twit helped manipulate the US elections. I want to see him poor and living in the streets. He is not a good guy. He is a egotistical self righteous scum bag.

  33. I deactivated all my social media crap 2 yrs ago, best thing I done in along time😎
    Bye bye FB😂😂😂😂

  34. That’s what happens when you except millions from Hillary Clinton to sit on your board of fact check.

  35. Millions of fake acounts, millions of scammers, sexual trafficking online, no reality, meta need to authenticate all users to a non virtual email account verified by real-ID. And a certified USPS letter that is validated by the user showing his real-id to get access code. Currently users are totally virtual and that need to be changed.

  36. I remember Iran banned Facebook about ten years ago advising it was a social engineering tool used to control the masses. I died laughing at the time, then I saw Facebook ban adds that were pro life when there was a referendum in my country, then hunter Biden laptop and the suppression of the story. Deleted forever. Evil company.

  37. Meta translated is death. How fitting, the death of Facebook!

  38. He has no morals just trying to save his ass now. He didn't care how he damaged America 🇺🇸

  39. Where is the apology to America for the damage he's done here

  40. Here is the truth what rich people will do for more money and haw far they will go to aquire more! They have absolutely no soul when it comes to money….

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