Last Word 2nd Edition from Buffalo Games

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In Last Word, players compete to get in the last word and get to the board’s finish line before their opponents. Each round, players draw their secret Subject card. Once someone flips over a Letter card, be the first player to name a word beginning with that letter that matches your Subject card. Place your card in the Subject pile and set the timer.

The round continues as players blurt out answers that correspond to the Subject and Letter cards on the board. The player with the last word before the timer sounds advances toward the finish.

The board game includes eight game pieces, an electronic timer, 230 Subject cards, and 56 Letter cards.


  1. I have this game and have been trying to figure out what does the hot potato letter card mean

  2. man i wish i cuold meet the time to play mag crew

  3. That's not how you play it you use the same card for the subject

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