LAST MINUTE DRAMA | Wales v Fiji | Rugby World Cup 2023 Highlights

Rugby World Cup
There was a tense finale to an 8-try, end-to-end thriller in Wales and Fiji’s opening Pool C match of Rugby World Cup 2023 at Stade de Bordeaux in Bordeaux

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  1. Semi gave his heart out in the game.Hes such a great and humble player .

  2. Semi gave his heart out in the game.Hes such a great and humble player .

  3. Thank you fiji for playing and come again stronger and better

  4. Wales got away with murder-Ref did not blow the double no-arms tackle on Fiji as they were about to score just before half time. ROBBED !!!!

  5. Congratulations Cymru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, Big well done my beloved Fiji 🇫🇯.
    Please referee and officials all of this team playing in the RWC have been prepared for this tournament for 4 years. So please do officiate the game properly and fairly. They only got 80 minutes to showcase what they had been sacrificed for.
    All the best to your next game Cymru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and Fiji 🇫🇯.
    Toso Viti Toso 🙏🏽

  6. Where did the referee buy that whistle?😂😂

  7. A semi-disapointmement. Thats actually doubly-disapointing. Fiji deserve better. Hope Radrada can move on from this. He did his best. Its like that own goal feeling in a soccer game. Or missed penalty kick in a penalty shootout.

  8. Fijians around the world love rugby!Rugby brings this small island nation to a stand still. When the last minutes were played,everyone was praying,fingers crossed,hoping for that last score in the last dying minutes. But when that ball fell, our whole world fell. Thats how much rugby means to us. We not that rich. But this is what brings happiness to us all. But anyways congratulations to wales. And looking forward to our next match against australia. Much love to u all for those who supports us fijians❤❤

  9. I thought Wales were better than this. Fiji Suck!

  10. Man of the match will have to be the wales reff what a player😂

  11. NO CTM , se le cayó la pelota en ultimo momento.

  12. As an islander my heart goes out to Fiji 😢❤

  13. Legend has it Matt Carley is still wandering around Bordeaux threatening Welsh people with a yellow card

  14. Black or islanders guy aree to mucled in comparison to whites , so in Rugby these ethnicities are in advantage against caucasians. We should have an all white/asian World Cup and an Afro-Islander one

  15. The welsh should thank Matthew carly the referee for the win

  16. No actual replay of the grounding at 34 mins, Fijis last try not even shown??? Why this ridiculous obsession with 3 minute limit for 'highlights', it's incompetent to not even show all key moments in the game. Just as poor as FIFA so called 'highlights'

  17. Every time I watched the replay where Radradra drops the ball, dau via vacuvacu saraga kei na dua na kena F e tarava mai

  18. Heartbreak loss to Fiji, amazing game and effort from both sides

  19. I notice nobody complaining about Fijians flying off their feet in so many of the rucks but instead blame the ref for penalising Wales, but not giving a yellow.

    There would he no yellows if Fiji got penalised first.

  20. Absolutely pathetic highlights , world rugby could learn a thing or two from nfl highlight packages

  21. Game was magnificent. I just want to point out what an absolute balls world rugby are making of their world cup coverage. 3 minute highlights on every game is ridiculous. They should be releasing an extended highlights package of every game. It is impossible for me to watch almost all of these games live but I would love to see more of the action. I have watched some back in full but I can't watch them all. Also they are not showing replays of pivotal moments in games which makes it so frustrating and impossible to make your mind up whether the right decision has been made. Refs are also missing things that aren't being pulled up by TMO's. The fact they are also blocking promoters of the game such as squidge rugby from using the footage is a joke. Surely the goal of the rugby world cup is to spread rugby to as many people as possible? If so they are doing a terrible job of it. It's bad enough that they ruined the format of this world cup by having the draw 3 years ago and ending up with a completely lob sided draw. Not too late the coverage aspects though so please change them!

  22. Fantastic game !!! Respect Fiji from Georgia !!!

  23. 01:13 Bone Crunching Tackles. Wonder if we can mute the commentary for this replay just to hear the on field noise?

  24. Everyone knows Fiji's 7s team is amazing. I'm really happy with Fiji's progress in the full sides matches. Wales is a top nation and they took them to the wire. Fiji would always seem to hang in there but lose by 10+, so to be 1 dropped pass away is huge. I know its disappointing but they should be proud

  25. Pool c and d all sub standard quality teams. This competition is suv standard not worthy for a world cup

  26. One of the best game the rugby world cup 2023. Watching it everyday. All the best to both teams

  27. Sublime Commentary. Don't know about the exact rules but enjoying gladly

  28. Wales are very good sports men in victory they consol the Fijians

  29. Great welsh defence !!!
    That lad with the whistle really helped them keep the Islanders at bay and ‘civil’. Hope he got paid well for his fair calls and support.

  30. Do you think the crowd got their $$'s worth?

  31. 72:25 -72:30 .
    2-3 seconds of outstanding camera footage.

  32. Fast-forward to Match 02 : Fiji beat Australia 22-15. Breaking a 69-year winless drought, against Australia.

  33. Last minute drama? How about drama referreeing? Shameful by the officials.

  34. Fun fact: the referee was fully welsh, shame on you referee

  35. DISGUSTING!This Ref must be sacked and sent back to training.. how do u not see off side and give any yellow.

    Kids in school ref better than this faulty immature bias specimen.

  36. You want eternal life ? You can though Jesus Christ . The Gospel Romans 3:23-24, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-11, John 3:16, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

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