Jimmy Fallon Attempts to Play Wordle | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy plays a game of Wordle where he has six chances to guess the day’s secret five-letter word.

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Jimmy Fallon Attempts to Play Wordle | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon



  1. Jimmy sounds like your grandma reading something on facebook with out her glasses🤣🤣

  2. Lol i tried jimmy's strat (every word he used) and got arise first time (wordle unlimited)

  3. You should dordle (2 words in 7 tries), Quordle (4 words in 9 tries), Nerdle (8 item math equation), Factle ( top 5 random fact countries with highest avg height), Wardle( Baseball wordle for Jimmy)

  4. what people dont get is that u cant just start guessing after the first word, just put in 3 words that have each different letters so u can cover the 15 most used letters in the alphabet and then ull know pretty much 3 or 4 or even 5 of the right letters and then just rearrange them



    mends is a word btw

  5. Alternate title:

    Jimmy Fallon's catastrophic at wordle

  6. I always start mine with EARTH because it has the most common vowels and then 3 common consonants

  7. My favorite starting words are stead womby chirp and flung it gets 20 out of 26 letters out of the way

  8. I love wordless I play it every day I never miss it

  9. It took me SIX TRIES to get today's Wordle right! It's surprising to know how stupid you are when you can't even guess a FIVE letter word right!

  10. I thought it was alter after the first guess but then I realized that there was no R

  11. Lol just remembered I went on his ride at universal studios

  12. Fallon is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Jeez.

  13. why does he look like he snorted some crack before the show

  14. jesus christ before he did annix i was yelling at him to do after

  15. Fallon plays a game that children play, with the help of a studio full of guests and does a lap of honour when he gets the word after five tries? This man is not too bright is he?

  16. Audio 💪🏻💪🏻, 96% success for me

  17. I use a word like "shirt" because I want consonants. I can figure out the vowels.

  18. Gö! v?v
    wördle en as kräut 10ö11 ^^ but önlie önce. generathörr wöz izzi
    arise löved adjö enema v v

  19. 😵 woahh I started mine with "arise" then "ought" or sometimes "vague" 2 get all the vowels. I originally wanted 2 use "Arose" cuz it's my favorite song. Adieu is great for vowels. Also audio. Do any 5 letter words contain all 5?


  21. Wordle reminds me of the game show Lingo from GSN.Chuck Woolery hosted.Jimmy loves games like me!

  22. In one of my classes last year, me and the people who sat at my table would play wordle, and our strategy was to start with

  23. Everyone knows that Jimmy cheats at any game he has participated in.

  24. Personally i always begin with adieu as it covers most of the vowels followed by storm it's helps in eliminating most of the words and is easier later. And if the hints arnt clear even then i go for black so these three words cover like 14 alphabet which is really helpful 😅

  25. Jimmy’s a great guy, but man is he terrible at this. Funny how someone so successful in the “real world” can be so mediocre at the sort of skills that make one good at academics.

  26. If you are interested in a new game to play, last month I released mine. It's an anagram solver with a hint of crossword puzzles. The game is called PIRMYD and may be found online.

    Please let me know what you think of it, any feedback is much appreciated!

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