Jiggly Caliente Reacts to Drag Race Philippines

One Down
You might know Jiggly Caliente from the fourth and sixth season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but she’s also a singer, TV Host, and actress in Ryan Murphy’s Pose! We were honored to have this queen sit for a Drag Race Philippines reaction! JIggly Caliente just finished off being a judge on the first season ever of Drag Race Philippines, where 12 iconic queens competed for the crown. Stream now on Discovery+ and WOW Presents Plus! And let us know what you think of the winner in the comments!

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  1. Cuteeee can't wait for more DragRacePH❤️

  2. I'm so happy it was you that judged the competition, Jiggly. You can go from New York to New York, Cubao in a second. Periodt.


  4. Jiggly did amazing, can't wait to see her again and do bigger things in S2 <3

  5. Not showing her Toxic lipsync is homophobic.

  6. Jiggly, babe. I live for you, but that WIG. It could use a little combing or brushing sis

  7. 0:38 "BiniP naman okay naman siya" shady quote from Vinas 😂

  8. been years but she cant still perfect her makeup

  9. talaga!!!!!Asian don't raisin cuz miss jiggly looks young honey!

  10. Jiggly has come a long way from season 4 she’s so mature now. Her and shangela have made huge careers and transformations from their short time on RUPAULS Drag Race.

  11. She was the ate-iest person in the whole season.

  12. Flexbomb Girls is the BEST from any franchise! Jiggly is spitting facts. She looks wonderful here. I’m glad she’s a judge!

  13. jiggly's judging may not have been 100 all the time, but of all western Filipino RPDR queens, Jiggly embraces her roots the most

  14. Drag Race Phillipines is genuinely my favourite season of Drag Race ever. Absolutely obsessed

  15. Between Drag Race, Broad City, etc., Jiggly Caliente has become such a legend. かのじょはきれいです。

  16. Jiggly’s being so straightforward is so entertaining.

  17. Good job for your being fair even when judging turing.
    Other judges are just rating Paula high because she’s a veteran.
    Sorry not sorry

  18. Tawang tawa ako sa "Turing's breakdown". 😂

  19. Production for Drag Race PH S1 was subpar. It was a mess.

  20. "Where did y'all dig this sh!t up from, oh my GOD," 🤣😂

  21. I'm laughing hysterically. I deeply love Jiggly since her first season. She deserves even more recognition than it gets.

    Estoy riendome histéricamente. Amo profundamente a Jiggly desde su primera temporada. Merece aún más reconocimiento del que tiene.

  22. I’m gagging about the Snatch Game tea!!
    Hoy ilabas ang full version ng pag-atake ni Eva, Marina, at Xilhouette kay Viñas!! Ahahahaha sheet I wanna see it!! 😅😅

  23. Jiggly see you in Season 2! That’s your spot and no one could replace you! 🫶🏼

  24. those rise of kingdoms ads with terrible acting says:

    The money I would give to see Xilhouette with her daughter and ex-daughter teaming up against Vinas as Bald Abundat.

  25. bitin huhu I can listen to tyang jiggly all day!!!

  26. I'm on my 9th episode in Drag Race PH! The humors in this series are topnotch. The girls are really talented, and overall, the show is entertaining!

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