JavaScript Create 5 Fun Word Games make your own Web Games

Laurence Svekis
Do you want to create fun games using JavaScript – build 5 amazing interactive games perfect for kids using JavaScript

Explore how YOU can build your own games online using JavaScript. Learn about Game design and steps to create a FULLY functional game start to FINISH

5 AMAZING PROJECTS YOU CAN BUILD – You won’t find this anywhere else – all code is unique and built from scratch.


Dynamic QUIZ from Google Sheet Data

JavaScript HangMan Game

JavaScript Number Decoder Game

Word Scramble with DYNAMIC Word list from Sheets

Create your own version of the game in just a few hours – source code included try it and play it NOW

#1 Javascript Game Word Scramble – Select from multiple Word lists – solve the scrambled word with as little wrong guesses as possible.  Scoring and loading dynamic word lists to create a fully interactive and dynamic game from scratch

How to setup and prepare game-board

Game Values and Variable for word game

Add words to Game

Scramble the Letters with JavaScript Random Array values

Update and add content to WebPages Output Scrambled words to Page

Count letters in a string with JavaScript Letter Counter.

Add Scoring and GamePlay to your game with JavaScript

Game debug and how to tweak and improve the game

Add a  Dynamic WordList from Google sheets to your Game

Dynamic Content coming from a Google Sheet – Multiple Word lists

#2 Javascript Game Word Decoder – Every letter has a number associated with it – player needs to solve the phrase using the number codes to letters.  Words and phrases are dynamically loaded.

Game board Setup Secret Word

Create Interaction for Player

Setup gameplay and set coded values

How to provide player messages Output Code to Player.

Use of Array methods like map to shorten code

Make it into a Game JavaScript Word decoder

Create Game Flow and Values

Create interaction Player Inputs

Start and End game conditions and logic

Debugging and final game tweaks and improvements

#3 Javascript Game Hangman Game – Select Letters solve the phrase – player needs to guess the hidden phrase by clicking the available letters.  Solve it will as little missed letters as possible.

JavaScript Hangman Game Board Setup.

Launch app content when DOM loaded DomContentLoaded Run App DOM is ready to write and create Elements

Add game logic step by step  to build JavaScript Hangman

Create game start Start the Game Setup.

Setup and build gameplay adding and Building Player Letters

Use JavaScript conditions check correct guess Check Letters to Word

Update player Elements and DOM values Update Hidden Letters

add Score and Player Score conditions

set Game Win Conditions and use of JavaScript logic to provide gameplay

#4 JavaScript Wordsearch – Word searches are fun to play and even more fun to build.  This game section will show you how to create a fully functional word search that fills the grid with as many words as possible hidden in the words and ready for the player to be challenged and solve the puzzle.  Dynamic grid automatically populates the words from your list into it.   You select the size and let JavaScript build the game board.

Setup Word Search Board with JavaScript and logic for gameplay

Create Add Game Elements to page using document CreateElement Method

generate Game Values and Setup Grid.

Add Words to Grid for JavaScript word search game

Building the board and calculating the available spots on the grid apply Game Logic in JavaScript Check for existing Letters

Add Words Vertically to Word search Grid with JavaScript code logic

Words horizontally – vertically and reversed letters for 4 possible directions to place the word in the word search grid.

Fill Game Letters automatically populate and build the wordsearch board

Add a player word list to guide player for remaining words List Words

How to test and debug your JavaScript wordsearch Game

add player experience Player Interaction

Create a dynamic and flexible game to play

Game logic how to apply win conditions Check Win Condition

#5 JavaScript Dynamic Quiz Game – JSON data file driving quiz questions and answers.  Create a simple quiz that gets dynamically generated with JavaScript – creates all the DOM elements and interactions depending on the JSON data.

How to setup Quiz files and source html Setup Dev Environment Files

How to create a JSON data file for your quiz use AJAX Fetch Create JSON Data

How to setup HTTP protocol Localhost – needed for AJAX

Create Quiz Questions within JSON file for JavaScript Quiz Game

Create Gameplay generate player game screens

Create player interactive elements with JavaScript generate DOM elements
add eventlisteners to game Add Player Interaction to Game
Player movement move to the next Question – Automatic Gameplay next JavaScript

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