Is This New Souls-Like Game Worth Playing? | Asmongold Reacts to Thymesia Review

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Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Bloodbourne and Sekiro fans might want to check out Thymesia, a brand new Souls-Like Action RPG.
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  1. Only head injured, spoiled failures use the word "jank".

  2. If we’re gonna talk about combat in souls like games, I think the Nioh series has a lot better combat system. I aint saying depth is everything but when you have that and everything just connects smoothly and fast, especially at very high skill levels, it’s just hard not to say that Soulsborne combat can be a bit “boring” or rather too simple. A reverse backstep in ER is an advance move… it’s that simple. No hate tho. I love those games to death.

  3. Dunno why Asmon needs mods for Elden Ring when he literally skipped 80% of the game and didn't even understand most of the basic mechanics yet, i suggest replaying the game as it is and actually taking your time this time. Maybe learning what great runes are for example and doing some quest lines, exploring a bit more etc.

  4. I been waiting on Thymesia and BleakFaith for years. These games shouldn't be slept on jus because they're developed by small indie teams. These guys put so much heart and soul into the game and really care about them. And at only $25 you'd be crazy to not give this a try if your a Souls fan.
    Speaking of BleakFaith, the dev team is only 2 dudes. I really hope people give it a chance once it drops

  5. Someone just REALLY wanted a PC port for Bloodborne

  6. Like it or not, even if the story of dark souls is good, the mechanics are junk and rusty. Sekiro's mechanics are the best out there but dark souls naaaah. Elden Ring feels like the improved version of dark souls in my opinion. And Thymesia's mechanics looks like they could easily beeeat dark soul's, so it's all down to the story and the narration.

  7. sorry, he's not going to review the game himself? he's just going to react to a review?
    what a joke.

  8. It's $20 bucks and a small dev team. I bought it. I'm enjoying it. Not much time in it yet, though. The combat feels good…not great…not elden ring, buttery smooth…but it is good and you can see the creaters really put in a lot of love and real thought into it.

  9. I feel the player does attacks that don’t work well with the hitbox. He touches two enemies with an arc he does with the weapon, but only affects the enemy right in front him.
    Combat in From Software is another level. Even in the first Demon’s Souls.

  10. It took me like idk 7 hours maybe but for that price it really was damn good

  11. definitely worth playing i think, i agree on the DS movement and combat feeling and accuracy. Anyway, this game looks cool and fun to play, the story too seems interesting! I’m going to play it in the next days for sure..

  12. The depth of lore in soulsbourne games is often overlooked.

  13. Here let me help you all out… if you're hemming and hawing this much about if it's good or not what does that tell you?…THAT AT $30 ITS A NO BRAINER! Because you're comparing it to the best Soulsborne games @ $70! I platinumed it in about 18 hours..FANTASTIC take on Sekiro swordplay, with Bloodborne dodging mechanics…8.2/10….imo

  14. The combat in this game is Sekiro on crack. Surprisingly good tbh.

  15. You should play Nioh 1 and 2. One of the very, very few games to be on the same level as the Souls games in terms of combat precision. Some people actually prefer Nioh's combat due to the 3 different stances (more variation… like a fighting game).

  16. Couple of friends of mine that have been playing it for what I've been hearing is just all good things about it. Got my PS5 physical copy in the mail can't wait till I finish more backlog then finally get to try this out. Looks interesting

  17. souls and Nioh players are liking this game, good for them it's a low-budget and very cheap game only 10 dollars.

  18. Seems good… apart from it being only 8 hours ???

  19. If darksouls is r6s, thymesia is apex. Thymesia looks a lot faster pace when compared to darksouls which feels far more methodical.

  20. It's funny that any time you see a video about a game set in the Victorian style people immediately start parroting Bloodborne. Shows how influential Bloodborne was, and that there needs to be more Victorian Era style games.

  21. You guys were a bit tough on this game, but then these souls likes tend to kind of always fall short. Now granted this definitely feels very indie, but it's the best of the bunch from that group. These guys aren't the next from software, but they did a good job here. Better than Mortal Shell and Ashen by a long shot. It's refreshing to see a soulslike attempt that isn't just another disappointment. Gameplay is king, and they have something good going on here.

  22. I'm about 15 mins in and so far my biggest complaint I'd that fuck ass spear guy whonfor some reason has like 8 times the hp as everything else and hits like a truck

  23. this game would be something similar to metal gear rising revengeance in terms of gameplay and story. very short game, with great combat experience, great bosses and more exploration with potential unlocking different endings due to being a souls like game.

  24. So yall will play a anime waifu swiper simulator but question playing a somewhat interesting game

  25. You are talking shit about potions and consumables. Games like Skyrim sell great because of potions that you can create to make you a god.

  26. Was looking at this game…decided to buy blood borne on sale as well 🤷‍♂️

  27. I think the biggest gripe I have with the talk around this game is that people are comparing it to Bloodborne primarily and Sekiro secondarily. From my time playing it, it's definitely the reverse and is more like Team Ninja games than a soulslike RPG.

  28. (OverBorder Studio) is just a seven-person game production team… This game is really great

  29. im burned out on games like this.. spin offs of dark souls and elden ring, but never quite to that level..

    Been playing Building sims.. Lol.. played satisfactory and starddew valley & havent been the same since.. now im playing my time at portia.. lmao.. which is very kidish, but has a pretty long build path..

  30. I just don't think any other game like these just can't match. Now this game might be fun and the combat might be decent but eldin ring good I don't think so. I'd play it but would I expect it to be better than eldin ring. No the combat is so tight in eldin ring is crazy the things you can dodge I mean it's crazy how tight it is not to mention the world is absolutely amazing the bosses are insane theres just so much in eldin ring it's not just combat it the whole damn package.

  31. The only game I have seen that looks like they have got as close as anybody to FromSoftware is the team doing that Wukong game.

  32. This game created by 7 members studio and it cost 15$
    I think it deserve this price but too short

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