Ice-breakers and Creative Energisers: How to Play One Word game?

Hazriq Idrus
Are you looking for simple icebreaker and energiser activities for your next meeting event or group gathering? Why not give this activity a try – The One-Word Game? Demonstrated by Hazriq idrus, The One-Word Game is an activity adapted from the world of improvisational theatre suitable for groups of any size and is designed to get your audience up and moving around. Use this simple icebreaker game to energise your crowd and create the atmosphere with fun, positive mood.


Who is Hazriq Idrus?
Hazriq is a stage actor turned professional speaker specialising on Creative Leadership and Communication. His mission is to help leaders & their teams unlock their creative potentials so as to connect, communicate and co-create effectively. In his speaking and training delivery, Hazriq creates interactive presentations using theatre-based and games techniques to engage the audience to bring across his points.

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  1. This content is replete with pioneering ideas. I read a book with like themes that shifted my perspective. "Mastering Money Mindfulness" by Various Authors

  2. You are awesome as a facilitator….
    God bless you.

  3. Thanks for the tip.
    This activity is more dynamic if you do it as a challenge against the clock.
    In two minutes students should be able to come up with an unrehearsed story!

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