HELLO, I CAME TO KILL YOU is a horror game where you meet a girl online.

Is she who she says she is? IS SHE COMING TO GET YOU?


Edited by @loudflavor

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  1. who else thought it was delice in the thumbnail

  2. im fucking dying of laughter he got so fucking scared at 16:51 omfg this is one of the reason i love this mans content is cause of when he gets scared im sorry but its hilarious when it happens much love to all ❤

  3. 😂 this game was so fun Zach! also the larry/lora/lara was really a girl huh 😂

  4. Y'know I wasn't expecting the chase theme to be One Winged Angel ngl

  5. Umm did anyone see when he went to the computer and he did that finger thing and he was still moving with no hands😂😂😂😂

  6. Lil feedback, your video was noch t in sync with your face cam video 🙂
    (Also the sound were out of sync)
    But overall, loved the video 👍🏼

  7. Wow that really scared everything out of me 😓😖

  8. man i would’nt even be upset if this happened to me

  9. Until Dawn vibes when the butterfly background came up with the choice, and Friday the 13th vibes with the music.

  10. Hi Zach, just to let u know u always fill me up with ur creamy contents and happiness

  11. Yes Zach I was vibin with you to the outro music

  12. I can't take that chase seriously with that goofy ''ahh'' music playing.

  13. Hi Zach I’m a big fan but do you think you could try out this game called “the classrooms”

  14. i cannot wait for the 69th round of exciting scary videos

  15. This game is amazing! LMAO I can recognized Sephiroth's battle theme and the shot sound of the Bolt-Action Sniper from Fortnite 😂🤣😂🤣

  16. you got some nice moves at the end! lots of luv zach <3

  17. I love how every time he gets scared all we hear is WOAHHHHHHH🙀🙀🙀🙀

  18. The bright side of missing several Zach uploads when I get busy: more videos to marathon on my next catch-up day!

  19. i really forgot your channel, i try to find that but couldn't find it, nvm now i saw your channel back

  20. my dad only ever feeds me fillet mignon cuts and says its because he wants me to meet a guy who doesnt mind paying for the expensive steak🤣

  21. Bro the song end of the this game is fire🔥🔥

  22. Zach where are you from bro 😂 my guess is Michigan. You got that Detroit accent

  23. that outro music goes so incredibly hard for no reason

  24. Zach’s hot even when he’s bus- I mean looks tired asf…. mhm

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