I made a Nintendo Switch PRO out of a Steam Deck

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  1. Since the video didn’t mention it, this might solve a lot of peps issues, under the performance tab for the scaling filter, set to FSR & max out the sharpness. This can be done for the main menu of the system, and for each game altogether or individually. 💖

  2. Well i ordered my deck rights as they were readily available for my birthday and it took less than a week to arrive.

  3. Looking forward to the podcast. Listen in Spotify, but still love it!

  4. Wood, I loved your early videos, but I believe that you've degraded to click bait and content that is not original (it doesn't feel like BeatEmUps). I will be unsubscribing. Best of luck.

  5. Yes new beatemups video that's awesome thank you

  6. when he points at a displayport port and calls it display input lol

  7. Low and high settings are not the be all, end all for graphics. Understand what the individual settings actually do instead of relying on a generic overall setting. You end up needlessly wasting processing power on something like low or high shadow settings without any perceivable boosts in quality.

  8. Steam Link is built into smart TV's now, it's just an app, or at least it is on my Samsung TV, I just downloaded the steamlink app, and it's working great.

  9. I use Joy-con on my Steam Deck to play games while I'm walking on a treadmill. I mostly play turn based games and RPG on the treadmill. That's one thing I like about the Joy cons.

  10. For us that have a Gaming PC you can STREAM games from the gaming PC on your TV thru the steam deck, best use case 😀

  11. this is one of the reasons ill never be pc master race, apart from the fact that i grew up with consoles and untill recently any of the types of games i play were barely on PC but now that they are its just too much hassle for not enough gain. i just want to play my freakin game not fiddle for half a day with settings and tweaks just to get it running 3% better then my ps5 overall.

  12. Is the bear patch on your beanie designed by Kim? It’s so adorable 🙂

  13. 6:55 wood : it was taking forever to download my games. everyone in iran : first time ?

  14. Am I the only one that was worried watching Wood brandishing that knife all over the place during that video?

  15. Man I have basically the same setup and I thought I was crazy with the Super Ultra Wide streaming issues. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

  16. Looking worse at high settings would be the FSR kicking in to try and get you more fps. it basically try’s to make lower setting look better using A.I works well but overload it and that’s what you get lol

  17. You need to use FSR by hitting the . . . button and going to the performance tab.

  18. The word you’re looking for is port.
    Port wood. 😂😅

  19. For Spiderman, what if you connected your MCable to the Steam dock? That might help with the aliasing 🤔

  20. What is exactly is your definition of casual gamer? Lol

  21. Amazing video, loving your humor. <3 About any game docked though: You have to set the game's resolution setting in the Steam library to "native" – otherwise it will always cap at 720-800p. That's why everything looked horrible. About the technical Spider-Man Mumbo Jumbo: I got a Deep Dive on my channel showcasing the best settings and differences on the Steam Deck. You should definitely give it a go. Cheers!

  22. Don't worry. First steps with fiddling and finding how to swim in PC pond is the hardest. It gets smoother and easier with time to the point that 98% of things you will ever be doing with game takes 30 sec and you are good to go(and usually not everything had to be changed, so even less).

  23. i got steam deck and downloading and patching is fine the problem is games sometimes takes few things to do before it can run

  24. 800p on the steam deck is for a reason thats why on tv 1080p or 4k games run like crap

  25. Been on the fence about getting a Steamdeck in general but I think I would probably just end up doing what you do and lean more toward my switch 90% of the time. It just costs too much to invest in for that amount of play for me. The dock is a sweet addition for deck owners though!

  26. When are you going to do another fan mail video? Those really brighten my day! Love the channel and everything you do 😊

  27. This video was so much fun to watch! We love you wood!!!!

  28. Wood: I'm just A casual gamer.

    His Bookshelves: Am I a joke to you?

  29. sometimes steam gets slow with downloads/patches all you have to do is clear the download cache and it usually fixes that

  30. The steam deck isn't perfect and is a work in progress. It is always improving with protons. With that said it isn't for everyone. You have to be ok with learning and troubleshooting. However, if you are willing to put in the time the community is always willing to help. We aren't elitest. And in terms of stuff getting improved to put this in perspective. People where changing the boot animation on the deck, valve sees this, and makes changing the boot animation EASIER in a patch less than a month later. Then a week after that some doof put the ENTIRE sherk moving as his boot animation and had issues because he has to watch a 2 hour movie before his deck will load. Valve sees this on reddit and in like a week they pushed a patch that allows you to skip boot animations. This is a company that cares about user experience and isn't going to put stuff in the way on purpose. The deck will get better and thats the best part. You buy it for what it has, but the future is still bright.

  31. I want a stem deck but it’s to expensive and I would rather get a regular pc also dose anyone else think that the stem deck looks kinda ugly the “joy cons” on it are to think in my opinion I’m still a switcher at heart though.

  32. Lol it’s the steam link it’s still supported. just now you can download the app. So no need for the link 😂

  33. Hi Wood, might’ve been said already, but putting games into windowed mode should fix your ultrawide compatibility issues

  34. Kudos for including the Steam Remote Play. I personally have been using moonlight instead since it'll let me play games outside of steam ecosystem.

  35. Trying to play PC hunt showdown with a control. That sounds horrible. Atleast in Australia. Oh lord are the boys sweaty

  36. It really is surreal watching Steam Deck Videos on a Steam Docked Steam Deck.

    My view is that with the issues you have, you only ever have to have them the one time. once you get it working how you want it to, it's perfect. The Linux & Steam Deck forums are super helpful too. I love this thing so so much, but then again i am also saying this as someone who is upgrading from a 2012 MacBook Pro.
    I could only play around 10% of my game library before. Now almost everything works even if a few tweaks are needed here and there.
    The Mac also gave me a LOT of experience with Wine.

  37. I can't seem to find the part where you turned your Steam Deck into a Switch Pro. All you did was put it on an official output dock and talk about using the Steam Deck… as a Steam Deck. I was at least expecting some Switch game emulation but it was mostly, ironically, Playstation ports. 100% clickbait.

  38. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a sudden rise in the steam deck?

  39. Interesting way to review the steam deck and set up the next generation Switch expectations

  40. literally just ordered my steam deck today, this was very helpful for deciding if i wanted the dock, thanks

  41. I mean it’s cool and all, but handheld is still a handheld. You buy handheld to play on handheld. Docking it to go 4k and what not, might as well invest on a console you know. But the Idea is cool

  42. Them firing you to me would be like firing Michael Jordan from basketball.

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