I made a Nintendo Switch PRO out of a Steam Deck

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  1. My box had way different stuff in it for sakuraco for this month, last box I got same stuff as others but I got different this time

  2. ok but really why is it $90.. 70 and I would probably pay for it to get the display port and a valve logo(plus a second charger even though I don't even use the original) but with competition as low as $28 valve can't expect to sell a lot of these…

  3. Fast forward to 3:44 to get to the start of the content of the video

  4. So I discovered something pretty sick with my odin pro. I got to thinking what would happen if I got a USB c to hdmi converter and just plugged it in. Ya know what, it just worked! You can use the odin itself as a controller, no need to mess with anything. I paired that with a simple port hub and found a way to charge the odin while it's linked to the TV.

  5. Some tvs have steam link built in (like mine) I played portal and it was pretty good

  6. @beatumups please make more regular content I’m like the Cookie Monster with YouTube videos 😂

  7. I was watching Bobs video and you wore the same hat. It took me a while but I knew that hat design looked familiar. I was like, is it a Pokémon? No… animal crossing villager? Nah… ITS KIMS BEAR DESIGN!!! Awesome reppin’ the wifey’s gear.

  8. We don't have the steam deck in Australia

  9. Cool vid I’m so shocked that’s who fired you been watching both of y’all for years that’s hilarious what a small world lol

  10. Wood I live you but the pronunciation of Japanese in the ad segment makes me rage 😂

  11. I have a PC dedicated to my tv so instead of docking I just take advantage of steams cloud saves and use my dedicated tv PC for a super duper switch pro experience. I love my deck and some games are great docked on it like emulation but the PC is the big brain move.

  12. Great video.
    However, your Xbox "One"-Controller (6:19) looks an awfully lot like an Xbox X/S controller.

  13. There is a very large amount of us who has the dock that WILL NOT play on quality TV's. No clue why. Waiting for a response or update from STEAM!!!

  14. i was playing ni no kuni 2 thru remote play yesterday from my laptop to my steam deck and it felt so nice lol, it had some internet lag but i didnt set it up on "beautiful option but balanced" and it didnt happend so often. i played for hours.never got disconnected and i played in another room.

  15. ""Even though the textures weren't that great", he said, showing the gameplay of a game way more impressive than anything I ever imagined playing 13 years ago.

    Y'all gamers are spoiled.

  16. My free samples of Gamer Supps came in and tried the first one today. It was very nice! Will be ordering a tub for sure

  17. I play my steam deck portably. I have a beefy PC for most of my power-hungry games. I haven't really touched my Switch in a while but once I Pokemon is out, I'll have more reasons to get back to it. The dock is neat and I'll probably get one so I can play PC games in my bedroom.

  18. I dont have a steam deck but when I want to blow up a game on my TV from my PC I use my Chromecast with Google TV. I pair a controller, download the steam link app and stream from my desktop. Alternatively, if you wanted to use that Dock you got for the steamdeck, I bet that it, or some other dock like it, could plug into any newer mid/high end Android phone. Use the steam link app on the phone and stream away from your desktop/laptop. Of course this only works for someone with a gaming desktop/laptop to begin with so your mileage may vary.

  19. PC gamers think the Steam Deck is easy to configure. Nintendo users think the Steam Deck is hard to configure. Go figure. Some players are not used to having control of graphic features, however the Steam Deck makes it much easier than a standard PC, while providing detailed information and customizability for power users. I would also love to see you try FSR in docked mode considering how much difference it can make for upscaling to a TV's native resolution. (Yea I'm a PC freak that never uses graphic presets other than "Custom")

  20. The steam decks a portable pc first, just use your pc for normal big games bro, use FSR 1/2 as well if you want improved performance in docked mode! Also you said "you're a casual gamer" with so many games that there's not way you could be… xD

  21. Steam deck look like a more switch than switch lite

  22. Awsome video thanks for the information wood have a awsome day

  23. Steam Deck is an 800P system. IT can do amazing things at that resolution and play most games at a pretty high level AT THAT RES. just because it supports 4K doesn't mean you should push it that high. The dock should bed used for indi titles, older AAA and emulation and only at 1080P or bellow that in my opinion. Any higher than that defeats the purpose of Steam deck…..

  24. Did you go into the properties menu of each game before launching them and change the game resolution from default to native? You have to do for each game if you want it to actually output the resolution you put in the settings. It’s a bit stupid.

  25. Formula 1006 broken please help me I don't know how to fix it I live in Texas like you I wish I can meet you you're my favorite YouTuber my my Nintendo is broken😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  26. I wish I weren't banned from your Twitch chat. 🙁

  27. The fact he doesn’t know what a display port is called shows he’s a console player and I love it 😂

  28. You know Nintendo is mad at you bro 😂😅

  29. I have no interest in a Steam Deck – Switch is all I need – I just love to watch what you put out! lol. Awesome, interesting vid, as always! <3

  30. Sounds like the mcable or mclassic would be good for the steam deck in docked mode.

  31. Who would’ve thought the two enemies could have a baby 😂

  32. I use my Steam Link here and there but it mostly gathers dust. Great vid dood!!

  33. 5:43 and thats what I hate about people who emulate. Because they say "nintendo wouldnt male money if I bought a mario 64 cartridge for the n64" and then go on to emulate games that nintendo still sells, and even then its no argument because mario 64 is on the switch too

  34. If Vave would cut out the opportunity to use Emulators the Steam Deck wouldn’t sell more than 1000 Units. This Thing lives from pirating other peoples work

  35. This video was definitely brought to you by Nintendo.
    Nintendo: Switch and Play!

  36. Hey BeatEmUps, Have you tried to buy on eshop using japan region? When I buy 59.99USD worth of game, I only got it 6,500 yen. It is only 44.7USD when you convert it. Just sharing.

  37. Had the exact opposite experience with elden ring. Set the game to 720o medium and high settings, locked at 30fps, and the game looks absolutely amazing blown up on the tv

  38. Wood playing with that X-Acto Knife scares me

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