HuskerOnline breaks down Nebraska Football’s game against Michigan at Memorial Stadium I Huskers

HuskerOnline breaks down Nebraska Football’s game against Michigan at Memorial Stadium I Huskers

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  1. Fans need to realize that this rebuild is going to take longer than they probably realize. Nebraska needs a dynamic dual threat QB. Haarberg is NOT THE ANSWER FOLKS, and neither is Sims. Haarberg should be starting for Doane college or some smaller FCS school. I almost feel sorry for Satterfield because what is he going to call ??? The offense has zero weapons and no real QB. Defenses dont respect our WR's or RB's, that's just reality. Rhule needs to flip this roster over quickly which i believe he's doing with the amount of players each cycle. The previous 2 staffs are completely to blame for the offensive line, the Oline has NOT developed AT ALL in the last 7 years. I think possibly Rhule may have kept Raiola just to try and get his nephew when in reality that kid was NEVER going to come to Lincoln, so has their been improvement on the Oline under Raiola the last 2 seasons ???? I say NO. jmo.

  2. Sip is right Nebraska played like they were scared. Rutgers showed more heart. Michigan was eating 🌽 gestures on national TV smh

  3. The stadium looked less than half full after halftime, thumbs up for those fans that didn't show back up, they deserved a better show!

  4. Offense has no identity …. they never practiced option until earlier in the season? How can you expect to win games if you have no identity on offense ? Defense has improved but still needs bad boys at D line

  5. Michigan took their starters out in 3rd quarter and played 4 quarterbacks. It could have been 65-7

  6. Can you imagine how entertaining this would be if you got Sip loaded before hand? I'm saying probably hilarious on several levels. Jsn

  7. Haarberg is not the answer, his low release and eyeballing only 1 reciever is terrible and their offensive playbooks lack of imagination stinks!

  8. Going into the game, I said this was going to be a measuring stick game. How does the talent match up in the upper tier of the conference, and how do the results measure up to the staff's expectations? This was Haarberg's third-ever start, but the defense got exposed. How the team rebounds from this game will determine the remainder of the season. I predicted a 17-10 win for Mich. The offense did what I expected and will not win many games, but the defense laid an egg. Tony White needs to come up with some new schemes to protect the defense. Satterfield needs to open the playbook for the offense. From here forward, the staff needs to remove the conservative playbook and give the team a better chance of winning. H2 needs to be less predictable and have more than just three people to distribute the ball to… Strap in people; it's going to be an interesting finish if the coaches open up.

  9. Nobody expected them to win this game. But nobody expected them to get knocked out after the first quarter either. They got punched in the face, and didnt fight back. Unacceptable

  10. We haven’t played a “good” team until now. Why are we shocked? I’m still excited to see our team every week, they’ve gotten better each time. GBR

  11. I'm picturing Sip as Shooter Flatch in the Movie Hoosier — storming out onto the field and yelling at a referee. 😅

  12. When a team just runs straight up the middle on you with ease, they are just flat out better than you. They will beat you 10 times out of 10. Sipple is a douche.

  13. Its embarrassing that rutgers put up a tougher fight.

  14. Wait a minute! They’re NOT the #2 team in the country? You’re in denial bud. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 2:05

  15. Its ok to say Nebraska was just overwhelmed and they can learn from this.

  16. we better have 6+ wins next year or this thing isnt getting turned around but this looks like the same team all over again next year is gonna tell us everything we need to know. if the O line is terrible next year and our QB has too many turnovers we have no offensive identity and no fight or aggression then rhule will be done his 3rd year

  17. Sipple fantastic. Per usual. We didn’t show up and match michigans intensity. I recall high fiving those near me in the stadium one time yesterday because the team gave us no reasons to high five. It was weird having the stadium announcer try to get the fans fired up on Michigan third downs and the fans not really caring about third down defense after the first quarter. Sad sad performance against a good team. We’ll learn a lot about this coaching staff on Friday night in Champagne.

  18. I agree completely with Steve Sipple! I support Coach Ruhle and I have high hope that he will turn this program around. However I believe today we saw a team that is mentally and emotionally down trodden and I admit I'm very surprised at how down they are! GBR

  19. Number one job, without exception, a head football coach has and must embrace is to insure that his team is ready to play both physically and emotionally. Neither wax the case today. Since Ruhl took over, all we have been told is that the team will not win in year one….week in and week out, Rhule reminds us that his philosophy is to not do well in year one. Well, I suspect that the players are starting to believe their head coach. Even the post game press conference, Rhule seems FAR TOO COMFORTABLE with losing and not just losing, but getting his ass kicked. I'm sorry folks, this guy will not win in Nebraska….this isn't the MAC or the Big 12….I don't want to hear no more about Rhules ability to turn programs like Temple and Baylor around. Next year, I suspect that Oregon and USC will be in the Big 10 West. To think that this coach who was all smiles in the post game presser is NOT the coach to turn this program around. Trev missed on getting the Kansas coach in similar to Rhule missing on Simms and Gilbert. And, speaking of Simms, in this era of college football, unless you have a good to great quarterback, you will not win….who is the quarterback next year???

  20. Honestly, what is more embarrassing this banter or Nebraska's game performance? Really, you sound like ladies aid.

  21. Need to give Sipp a margarita drip 30 minutes before the show.

  22. So first few games we lose 2 of our best offense and then we lose 2 of our best defense players. Seems like the typical thing for nebraska

  23. “Embarrassing coming to work on Monday” Especially living out of the state…😢

  24. Sip is right. We are tired of excuses and kool aid. We need to see it on the field on Saturdays. That’s it. Play with aggression or lay down and take it like we did.

  25. Completely agree with Sipple. I’m 46 and have never have never turned a game off before it was over. I didn’t even watch the second half. Nebraska looked like they accepted defeat early and were just going thru the motions. I don’t care who was out for our defense. I didn’t see any aggression or “thumps” from our defense to send Michigan a message that we weren’t just gonna roll over for them. Preach Sipple, it should not have been that easy for Michigan.

  26. ท็อด แพ้นท์เฅอร์ says:

    I agree with Sip

  27. ท็อด แพ้นท์เฅอร์ says:

    One thing this staff has never done is address the trenches. We greatly lack toughness where it matters most, trenches. Until that changes this will always happen

  28. Sipple is right on this one guys

  29. The myth that Michigan played cream puffs is a lie. UNLV is 4-1 headed for a winning record and bowl game. Rutgers is well coached, has a good D & is also 4-1 and definitely bowl bound. Nebraska also had a 2-2 record and a high top 10 ranked Rushing D, and Nebraska was a respectable 2-2 .NU will be going to a bowl with Ruhle.

    With ranked PSU, Maryland , and arch rival OSU all 5-0 , it turns out UM has arguably the toughest schedule. Rhule was not outcoached today. Michigan is not really #2 , that smartalec Iowa commentator was right but only because they should be ranked #1 .

    NU vs. UM's 2nd string? Know that UM, with its peerless depth everywhere, would have beaten Nebraska by 17 points.Ouch, but true.
    In the US civil war, the northern generals were not superior to the southern generals. The north had more factories, more RR transportation lines, more money , more soldiers , more heavy ammo , etc. In short , a preponderance of tools over that of the Confederate South.

    Likewise, UM has so many weapons , they do not need to be stat driven .UM has never been a Me Me ME individual glutton for stats team. UM had its 4th stringers in the game for cripes' sake. JJ McCarthy was gone for the day in the 3rd Quarter!!!! It's all about team Team TEAM with UM …going back to the immortal 6 time National Championship winning coach Fielding H.Yost.

    That being said: JJ McCarthy, the best QB in the nation, is #1 in passing percentage. All American RB Blake The Great Corum is #1 in the country in rushing TDs and Fleet WR Roman Wilson is Julian Edelman like only with blazing speed, and he leads the nation in TD receptions.

    In short, UM has zero weaknesses , a great coaching staff, the most depth everywhere , cerebral scholar warriors, and literally could have called the score . 60 points ? Yes ! A shutout? Absolutely.
    There is zero way Nebraska could have beaten UM's 2nd string, let alone their starters. Get real. 2 of the 3 of these commentators are non delusional. The other guy is out of touch with reality. Case closed.

  30. Including special teams ,not 1 NU starter currently would start for UM and 18 at least would NOT be on UM's 2nd string. Sometimes, a massacre occurs because you are Custer with 276, but they are Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse with 2500 native warriors. Hello : MASSACRE. Case closed.

  31. Sometime you have to go for it on 4th down at your 30. Facts

  32. Michigan has lots of wins over Notre Dane away, Ohio State University away including last season ! Nebraska away and PSU away. These all time historic top 7 football programs all have 1 thing in common versus Mighty Michigan. They all have heavy losing all time records in their series with University of Michigan ! Michigan is by far the winningest team in college football history at all levels . Folks , THAT is not accident. Do not mourn getting slaughtered by UM. They are back to back Big Ten Champions for a reason. Nebraska will return to Glory but it will be a gradual process.

  33. JJ McCarthy's record as starter has no peer . He's 18-1 . The lone loss was by 6 points. He's a 1st round NFL draft pick.

  34. You dudes are salty AF over someone thinking we should have patience as fans. Totality of circumstances says, he's a year 1 coach who will likely have more wins in his first season with NE than his previous first seasons. And if you want longevity, development takes time. So yes, nebraska fans should have patience.

  35. How many players thought they would win before the game? If they didn't think that, they lost before they even come out of the tunnel.

  36. Can we please, somehow make this show that Sipple doesn't talk? Would make for a lot smarter show…

  37. 8:35 in and I cannot, will not, watch the rest of this, and I am a fan of you guys. Sipple is acting like this is a low rent version of Undisputed or something, controversy where there is none. Sean isn’t making excuse, he stated facts and Sipple starts the grumpy Gus. You guys are much better when you work as a team. Much better than the first 8 minutes of this. I’ll be watching your reports this week and the post game on Friday but please try to do better than this. Journalism please.

  38. Michigan fan here, regarding stats in the previous 3 games…our starters were being pulled affer the first drive of the 3rd quarter. Had we played em all game our stats would be nuts. Also in many cases the 4th quarters were all 4th stringers and walk ons.

  39. Sip with all due respect when u see hutmacher getting pinned play after play and thats our alpha lion "your done."

  40. Lol the guy in the middle box is a hater … Michigan isn't the number 2 team ? They could have put up 60 on Nebraska if they wanted. Michigan pulled their starters with 5 minutes left in the third. For some reason Jim showed mercy.

  41. The constant excuses makes me sick. Nebraska will never be a good team again with that attitude.

  42. It felt like in the stadium from the tunnel walk on it was off and something was off with the timing and the team.

  43. just too much of a disparity in talent. The UM defenses rotates 8-9 lineman throughout games and they're all very good. In all games this year the starters were out in the 3rd quarter. UM played everyone in this game. Don't know if the Huskers have one player that could start for UM.

  44. If I was Sean I would have thrown whatever I was drinking in Sip's face, to act like he's the voice of reason and everybody else is making excuses, when in the offseason he proclaimed Jeff Sims as the 2nd coming of Lamar Jackson. Gimme a break. Check yourself.

  45. Embarrassed to be a Husker fan, we left at half time.

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