How to play Wordle

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Learn the rules to the online word game Wordle quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

Want to play? Check out the game here:

The object of the game is to guess the hidden word in 6 guesses or less. Type in a word and press enter. All guesses must be real English words. After each guess each correct letter turns green and each correct letter in the wrong place turns yellow. Incorrect letters turn gray. Letters can be used more than once. Use these clues to help you guess the word. If you guess the correct word in 6 tries or less then you win. This game can only be played once per day. Check out the link in the description for where you can play it.


  1. This game is fun, thank you for making a video on it

  2. Don’t forget to only use single letter words per guess, a sure way to make you more likely to guess correctly

  3. kinda coincidental because I was playing wordle when I got a notif for this video. it's some sort of cosmic comedy because I was struggling at wordle and got a notif on "how to play wordle".

    the word was "foray", I don't even know what it means

  4. Additional rules for hard mode: Every correct letter must be used in that spot for all future guesses. Every correct letter in the wrong spot must be used somewhere in every future guess, including the same incorrect spot as used previously.

  5. Can you do a how to play for Uno Blitzo and Uno Madness please?

  6. you did not tell me that there can be 2 same letters in the wordle

  7. Well I tried once, and I was one off with SWEET being the answer…

  8. One more very important rule! If a word uses a letter multiple times, it will show up in yellow or green that many times.

  9. Fun fact you can use the word borgo I still don’t know what a borgo is because it is not in a dictionary

  10. This game reminds me of Lingo, an old game show utilizing Wordle

  11. It's just like the TV game show Lingo and the games that it was based on; in Lingo, however, they tell you the first letter. They don't here.

  12. What is the purpose of the letters in the clue word, besides the one that is correct in the correct place? Can you use any letters, or do you have to use those? I’m looking at a NYT Wordle.

  13. This could end up being a series!
    I play this and some variants:,
    Dordle – Two words at the same time
    Quordle – Four words at the same time (9 guesses allowed)
    Octordle – Eight words at the same tim e

  14. the rules are the same as regular mastermind, except for these changes.

  15. That's not correct. Wordle is free to play and can be played multiple times per day.

  16. It's cool by why did this game become so popular?

  17. Can you do a video on Belote?(the card game)

  18. Wow, I just now played it after watching your video and at my sixth try I got the letter.

  19. This is like a similar game called Mastermind, Colors not letters

  20. Now do all of the wordle variations
    Like these: (spellings may be wrong)

  21. The rules are the same as regular Chess, except for these changes: (For a refresher of those rules, check out this video)

  22. this gives some moxie's minigames vibes, the second minigame

  23. The video says to enter a word and that's where I'm not sure. What word? Is there a clue giving you a topic or do you just use any word out of the hundreds of thousands of words that exist?

  24. Once a day, huh? Hey, anyone know any good apps I can download that are basically this but NOT daily?

  25. Pls tell me the answer for wordle. 321 5/6

  26. The rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes

  27. Sounds too complicated. I think I'll stick to crossword puzzles and writing poetry.

  28. Lmfao I had 200+ win streak before, and I tried four-letter word round (like I do sometimes to balance my gameplay) just to lose my streak. Up to this day, I still don't visit the game

  29. Why guess 'ROADS' when you know R is the fourth letter?

  30. Triple S games: "This game can only be played once per day."
    Wordle Unlimited: "Am I a joke to you?"

  31. We had to code this game for programming finals, and we all failed. The teachers gave a little help because the letters couldnt be repeated, but it wasnt good enough.

  32. Arise that’s a great starting word

  33. There’s no link here! Where can I play this?

  34. i won my first wordle! 😀 my word was LUNAR

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