HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play and Strategies to Win!

How Do You Do?
Today we are of course covering HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! I have been sooo obsessed with this game lately. It truly has brought me so much joy and I hope it can bring you some joy as well. If you don’t know what Wordle is, it’s a word game going viral and taking over my social media and daily newsletters (seriously). I had to play and it’s worth the hype if you’re into word games. I want to show you how to play and strategies to win in this video. It’s pretty easy to figure out once you play once, but I hope you learn something new from this video, or just enjoy the content. If you’re reading this far, I hope you’re a subscriber of mine and I appreciate your support as I took some time off. I’m back!

HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play and Strategies to Win!
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  1. Great video. Is there a way to stop having to watch 2 ads in betweens tries? So annoying!

  2. This is good…thanks for this video and for sharing your strategy.

  3. I am Indian but I am addicted to see his videos 😅

  4. Excellent! Actually got today's word on my 4th try….so fun.

  5. Thanks for the tips. Have been playing for a bit and have also been alerted to a Canadian version as well called CANUCKLE. Lots of fun, eh?

  6. My son, sister and I share our guesses daily they WhatsApp. We also play Canuckle- popular Canadian word game (spin-off of Wordle) my son also plays Nerdle. SO HARD

  7. Thank you for explaining this game and some strategies, I have only started playing this game as of yesterday and am already addicted!

  8. I am a little obsessed with wordle! I've recently discovered dordle(2 words, 7 guesses), quordle(4 words, 9 guesses) and absurdle(1 word, unlimited guesses because it fights back)

  9. Why wont it come up when i searched it (i tried typing the link)

  10. I am going to start playing this and chose your YouTube video to watch. You gave a Great explanation – Thank you ! 👍🏻

  11. A popular word with 4 vowels in it is “adieu”. It’s a good one to start with.

  12. I start with a word that has lots of commonly used letters like the word STEAL. That always get me at least one or two yellow letters.

  13. This is literally a minigame from bookworm adventures.

  14. Thank you for great explanation of this game!

  15. Thanks so much; I played for the first time, after watching this video!

  16. She has a voice problem and it should be looked into.

  17. You forgot to mention letters can be reused such as sissy has been an answer.

  18. I’m pretty sure this game already exists and is called Wordbound.

  19. Uses American spellings eg humor instead of humour….that kind of thing.

  20. I have been playing for a few months now and I have a strategy that seems to get me a 3/6 or 4/6 almost every time.
    I use the word ALERT then I use the word HOUND for my second word. Most of the vowels are accounted for (except "I" and "Y") and many of the most common consents are used by now so the answer is just a matter of using the information you already know. Good luck.

  21. Clear simple instructions. No big hidden tips though

  22. question: I spelled a word. Left the room without 'ENTERING.' I returned to correct the word and it would not allow me to correct. Is that the norm?

  23. Great video. Another good tip for beginners. Let's say you chose E and landed it in the right spot. That still means E can show up again in another spot!! They don't tell you this, but it's very important to keep that in mind.

  24. SOARE

    covers the 15 most common letters among wordle answers.

  25. two things you forgot to mention was that you can see what letters have not been used on the keyboard below. I find this helpful when try to decide which letters to try next. Also if you get a green on a letter, be a consonant or vowel, does not mean that there might not be another one of those letters in the word. For example ladle … has 2 "l"s and if you got the l in the first box you might not consider there could be another one in box 4. That caught me out a few weeks ago on a double "e" word. Good tutorial. P.S. My start word is raise and so far got a 100% solve rate. Love it.

  26. If you need to explain it to people ,they shouldn't even be attempting it

  27. Some of my go to starting words are IRATE, PAUSE, CAUSE, AUDIO, ADIEU, OUIJA, NAIVE, WAIVE, MAIZE, STARE, SPARE, SNARE, BRAKE, CLEAR, CLEAN, CHEAP, CHEAT, HOTEL, MOTEL, ABOUT, ALOUD, PROUD. I ask my daughter to pick one and use it as the first word for that day. 😛 Btw, got 2/6 for Wordle 264 (March 10).

  28. Whoever made this game is horrible at providing instructions on how to play it. Thank you for your help.

  29. if someone needs instructions on how to play this extremely simply game then they really aren't smart enough to even play it

  30. Great information but your hands constantly waving was very distracting.

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