How To Play The Four Corners Game

How to Play The Four Corner Game. This video shows the popular classroom activity ‘The four Corner Game’. This game is an easy, no prep classroom game. Check the video for instructions on how to play this fun classroom game.

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  1. You can use this for vocabulary a little easier this way. First, divide your class into two teams. Then name the corners vocabulary words (for younger students I like to put vocab cards at each corner quickly before each round, but my ESL classrooms haven't been very big). Then I explain that the first full team to be sitting down is the winning team. Then I say a sentence like, "When I'm cold I put this on…" The vocab word would be coat, or something like that. I count down, I open my eyes. Students in the "Coat" corner get to sit down. Of course we say the sentence and the word together as a class. Then we evaluate how many students of each team are still "in" and keep playing until one entire team is sitting. That way the sitting students are rewarded for getting the right one. This works best with 10+ students though, so not always easiest for small classes. But I'm sure there'd be a way to adapt.

  2. A classic ! I also use it the opposite way for younger kids – whoever is at the corner I shout out is the lucky winner.

  3. FUN!! DId this with 5 year olds! But instead of ABCD I would put up 4 pictures that I wanted to revise. Little kids loved this!

  4. Yeah, okay, sounds fun for 4-6 years old… but… where's the ESL part? There's gotta be a hint of studying to make it worth playing. Otherwise any game that isn't related to language will also do.

  5. i remember this game I used to play this at my school

  6. Pov you should play this in think together or during school hours

  7. ok nice but theres a haunted version of the game

  8. Why does the kid with the right answer have to sit? I thought it was the opposite.

  9. Thanks for the drawing explanation, easy to understand

  10. Thanks a lot! A nice and fun one for kids.

  11. When I was a kid I came up with the strategy of going to one corner, stomping and talking loudly, and then going to another.

  12. why student at the C corner getting upset? The right answer is C corner, so that student who stand on C corner it's suppose to be happy. Am I right?

  13. I couldnt understand how to use this game. What does corner C mean in this game?

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