How to Play the Bananagrams Word Game

This video straight from Bananagrams shows you how to play their fast-paced word game that started it all… Bananagrams.


  1. stop whinging you guys!  Great video!

  2. It's pretty funny, because we played this game with regular Scrabble tiles back in the 80s & early 90s. We simply called it "Fast Scrabble," getting rid of the Scrabble board and playing it the same way. We picked TWO tiles each time someone completed their group of tiles into words and called out "Take Two!" So, all this rage about Bananagrams is really nothing new.

  3. I got this game for Christmas. We played it wrong. I knew we were doing it wrong but I got outvoted. I will be sending this link to them. Bunch of cheaters! Can't pick your family. LOL

  4. Thanks for the video! This game was fun and your video helped elucidate some disconcerting questions in our group.

  5. i get the feeling there was supposed to be sound

  6. Interesting, I recently formed the words Quid and Grade.

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