How to Play Codenames

Learn how to play codenames with this guide from wikiHow:

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  1. Guys less make this the only comment if you wanna say anything reply to mine

  2. Thanks for the very clear explanation.

  3. This is the ONLY tutorial on Youtube that actually explains the game clearly without any unnecessary or confusing information.

  4. Sorry but this game is boring with more than 4 players. I was just falling asleep after eating Turkey. I also think the game is flawed because most of the time you have to resort to a 1 on 1 guess which is obvious. So it's pretty boring. Also keeping track of what was in the bank was too difficult

  5. I had the instructions regurgitated to me, and read them myself, but this video made it make sense.

  6. Thanks for guiding how to play for me! Appreciate it, my family got me this game and i couldn't understand reading the guide paper in the game so i searched up this video. Thanks again

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