How To Create an Interactive Word Game in Powerpoint

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How To Create a CVC Interactive Word Game in Powerpoint.

This video tutorial will show you have to create an interactive game using PowerPoint. It is a great game to help learn different spellings and to make the process interactive and enjoyable.

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  1. Thanks so much ! I always wanted to learn how to do this !

  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCHthis is so helpful, now I can use it to my final demonstration 🥰

  3. How do you go to the next slide if you’re done guessing the word?

  4. Thanks, I found so many tutorial. This is the most helpful, I have found. Thanks!!

  5. Thank you, very well explained, I've learned a lot of new tips. Liked and subscribed!))

  6. thank u sir.. it helps me a lot.. thanks again sir.

  7. After my m drops in the box, and I move it to the next box. The m in the top box moves as well. During the animation, the m doesn't fall first. It moves to the left over the other letters then falls. I can't see what I am doing wrong.

  8. Again, such a thorough and easy way of explaining each step. It is just fantastic! Thank you very much. And keep up the good work.

  9. Great idea and wonderful video. Love it! <3

  10. HI the game is very easy to make. when transfer in to google slide it did not work. How to convert powerpoint presentation in to google slides

  11. Great tutorial ! I teach adults, and this can easily be adapted to spelling or longer or more difficult words.

  12. CloudyXsky ☻︎ — Tysm for 60 subs! says:

    I did it and I really liked it thanks

  13. I do have a question… any possible reason why the trigger animation works on my "a" (for man) but not on the letters "m" & "n"? Thank you.

  14. Hi Sir, once slide is ready how can we share this game so others can play as well.

  15. I like the way you have executed. thankyou very much

  16. Wow. Wonderful Video. Thank you so much. 😍

  17. Thank you so much. The kid out for summer so work we will do

  18. Interesting, how to create a words under dots for words

  19. Can you make this in to a typing game? Instead of clicking the right letter, type the letter on the keyboard?

  20. Love this animation. Very helpful with younger ages especially now we are all virtual.

  21. Is this possible in google slides? I assume not but would just like to know

  22. Superb! As my mom used to say .. "Education starts in the womb and ends in the tomb .." Thanks for sharing!

  23. Thank you, this was very easy to do. This is the first tutorial I have been successful making it work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the World. Blessings.

  24. I just discovered your tutorial ! It is very easy and very helpful ! Thank you so much !

  25. Excellent template. But why do I have tp press enter to go to the next slide?

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