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//Resources I used for Pick a Number

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  1. Hello! Is it possible to do this in google slide?

  2. Thank you so much for the facilities. You are a real teacher <3

  3. Gonna presenting my online board game presentation, thanks for the tutorial

  4. i dont like it why its taking money? i willl nevar and not subscrbe and like share everithing i wil l not do
    pls send a new link which is for free ok pls send psl t ome o ko ko ko ko oko k k o ok o ok

  5. i used to do these things long time ago, thanks for reminding me 😀 ♥

  6. Thanks for sharing, this was very helpful. ADEBO, Tim's wife

  7. I love this video! I use the very first game you showed and I have a question. The check marks didn't pop up at the top. How can i get them to appear so the class will know which door we've already picked

  8. Thanks so much!! I wouldve failed my group project if it weren't for you 😅

  9. Is anyone here having troubles with the clear box at 16:46? I'm not able to get it, I've been looking at this video over and over to see if I missed something. Please help me! I would like to use this game on Friday with my students! – frustrated tr.

  10. Can you please help me. I am not able to use the trigger animation part in powerpoint 2016 and instead of option of "Rectangle 3", options of "Picture 3" is coming..

  11. Now i understand the powerpoint presentation lag meme XD

  12. I thought teacher stuff wasn't complimented why else would they used it- but now it's like this sounds like trying to learn coding so I might of been wrong.

  13. in what type of file you need to save it?

  14. This video is great. Thank you so much! I will most likely use this idea but instead of putting numbers or doors, since my students are in Years 7-11– I will put for instance, "pick a character/theme" regarding a novel/genre. Lovely tutorial! 🙂

  15. Tysm I needed this for a project at school

  16. I actually already knew this,called color a ball simulator. Where you simply color or texture a ball.. But this is nice to! And i love it.

  17. Nice hut from were dd
    I'd u get the picks wht did u search pls tell me bcs I like them and they are transparent

  18. As a student myself, I would have really loved something like this in my classes. This is an amazing idea!

  19. That clip art is no longer free, but screen shots from this video are

  20. where is the clipbar? your idea is interesting, but you explain like everyone knows where the clip bar is or how did you get the kids there" ? you skipped some steps

  21. This video is very useful! Thank you very much!

  22. Goodmorning! Thank you for this creative fun game using ppt. I have learned a lot and it really helps me with how should i present my activity to my students. Thank you thank you! Great help!

  23. Thank you so much. It saved automatically without having to do all the sizing and copying. So it only took a few minutes. Going to use it at school today! Any chance of making some more?

  24. Your video was so instrumental in this awesome game that I created. 😀 A Million Thanks

  25. Can you also make a video where in after the activity how to have a smooth transition of the slide to your topic??? I am having a hard time doing it.

  26. Really good video. You were very detail in your delivery.

  27. Man, I should quit teaching and build PPTs as a full time job. haha

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