Hogwarts Legacy – State of Play Official Gameplay Reveal | PS5, PS4

Become the student you’ve always wanted to be as you experience life at Hogwarts and embark on a journey through the wizarding world. Discover magical beasts, craft potions, and master spell casting as you uncover the mystery of Ancient Magic.

Next, the magical minds at Avalanche Software take you through a behind-the-scenes look at how their vision of Hogwarts was brought to life in an open-world video game.

Your legacy at Hogwarts begins now. Live the Unwritten.


  1. Excellent presentation. I only hope the final product ends up being as exciting as this. I always worry games will be rushed out and feel unrealized. It's too common these days.

    But what they claim we'll be getting and from the fair bit of detail they went into and showed us, I think it's shaping up to be one of the best Harry Potter games we've ever seen. Let's just hope the hype doesn't disappoint. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic for now.

  2. this is gonna be so bad.. drop the ps4 and make the game great with new tech

  3. Obviously very rushed and unpolished (especially for a sony exclusive reveal), has that low effort Square Enix look to it.

  4. I've been waiting for this since I was 6

  5. I believe alot of people will enjoy this game

  6. I don't know you and i don't care to know you

  7. oh man… if this has grinding in it i'm gonna enjoy it.. imagine gathering every single ingredient for your potions which then you can use in combat??? yes please do!

  8. It's like they took everything we've ever wanted in a Harry Potter game for so many years and put it all into one epic game! I can't wait!

  9. I remember playing the harry potter on ps3 where you had the freedom to explore the whole castle and move benches

  10. whoa, dayum dis look gud!
    ima be asking my gurl to leave me some me time for a bit if u know wha i me'n

  11. It's the late 1800 hundreds and only on 1 in 5 students are white😂

  12. Cant even post a video in 120htz.. u know the game running low key slow aF

  13. Nice… but… What kind of graphics downgrade will we see?! XD

  14. I hope this game is better than the numerous fan fiction I'e been reading. (and in steam lol)

  15. 7:31– ah yes, the op "tempus salvare" spell, also know as…. The Quick Save

  16. This needs a multiplayer! at least a multiplayer co-op

  17. The closest thing to a real hogwarts experience if they do it right!

  18. This game looks VERY ambitious. I hope it delivers everything it promises

  19. I hope we get to see the electives more, like ancient runes, aritmancy. Also astronomy and muggle studies since we didn’t see those in the movies 🙂

  20. The kitchens and secret passageways are such a great touch! I love the hidden side youre revealing!!

  21. вы как ушли с РОССИЙСКОГО РЫНКА ) какого хера я вижу Вас как рекламу ? уходя уходите ( отвечайте за слова ) ! Курилы наш ! Мирный договор сами вогнали в ноль !

  22. Why am I not surprised that every other comment is complaining about brown people existing. 😂😂😂 The queen TERF could not be more deserving of her audience.

  23. "Time for a proper Hogwarts welcome." proceeds to get air juggled like he's in street fighter.

  24. hoefully this game takes example from elden ring and comes out "finished"

  25. Finally!!! I've always wanted to have my own personal slave!!! Shout out for the free house elf

  26. Nothing here reminds me of Hogwarts, Not even the sounds. This is such a disappointment!

  27. I hope the game offers more than 1 face to choose from.

  28. Who else keeps coming back to watch this again? 😂 I’m so ready for this I can’t wait anymore

  29. The problem for me is that, mane character doesn't look like english at all, he is like, samoan, native american and asian combined

  30. Espetacular, estupendo, I have no words to describe how amazed I am and how nostalgic this makes me feel

  31. I’m a pyru blood and this game is sick af .
    On bloods im going to be part of griffindor

  32. It feels like this game is building too much hype and expectations and I'm afraid it's gonna be another Cyberpunk 2077

  33. Waiting for times when I can alt+tab from my metaverse VR meeting into Harry Potter realm. Also would be cool to study physics in prof Flitwik's classroom, there's such a nice view.

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