hangman is a weird game

jan Misali
an analysis of the two player asymmetric adversarial pencil and paper word guessing game hangman

0:00 intro
0:18 part one: what hangman is
2:33 part two: winning at hangman
9:10 part three: cheating at hangman
13:03 part four: hangman is a weird game
18:37 part five: conclusion


  1. 12:05 ñ is a full letter in Spanish it isn’t an n with an accent it a full letter

  2. My French teacher didn’t like the hanged man, so we used a flower. Stem, leaf, pollen, and finally the petals.

  3. Welcome to how to ruin your childhood 101

  4. I always have thought that the trickiest word to use was "gym"

  5. As a petty person, he's just giving me ideas in how I can be annoying

  6. it’s basically wheel of fortune for emotionally unstable people

  7. i dont know why but i was terrified of this game when i was a kid

  8. I don’t like Hangman because it’s very unsettling to me that the punishment for losing is that someone gets hung, even if it’s just a drawing.

  9. 9:56 This happened to me in first grade. The teacher’s daughter was playing with us and she went on to add a hat and then fingers and even toes. I was so annoyed because I didn’t even want to play to begin with.

  10. bruh when I was a child we didn't draw trees in classrooms, we drew a dead guy hanging, we also sometimes added extra details when the words where difficult, such as a sad face (because he's dead)

  11. Why have I liked this previously i have no recollection of watching it

  12. Me and my friends used to play lots of hangman in our early ages but I only now realised how disturbing it actually sounds. I’m myself quite a bit depressed and I wouldn’t dare play it again hahaa

  13. Wow in my knowledge/version I've come to know, almost everything is different.
    1. It's not considered a learning game by any means and it's not used as such by teachers.
    2. The amount of blanks is completely free, doesn't have to be 9.
    3. The gallow itself is not drawn at the beginning.

  14. i always played "man jumping into a pool of jello".

  15. We always hung the man in class? Was that not normal

  16. Z is way less common if you use British or Australian English…

  17. Me to myself: it's 3 in the morning me: just one more video…..
    And now I'm here

  18. Someone make this into an horror game.

    I must play it.

  19. Nudibranch and dhole have always been hard for people to guess so I just use those usually 🤷‍♀️

  20. If you actually dont even know a bit about Spanish, but you want to win a hangman game as a executer, and say to your friends that you know a lot about Spanish, try this word:
    It stands for rhea or nandu

  21. since we were childs they are teaching us that suicide is bad n ya gotta fight for your life,like when you wanna guess the letter trying so hard to do not kill the hangman.profound.

  22. When we played it in school we had to secretly write down the word first

  23. Zyzzyva is a type of jellyfish so technically speaking it is one of the hardest words to guess

  24. Dude, you’ve made every single video I’ve watched within the last two days and I didn’t realize. Why are your videos so interesting

  25. I've found that one of the hardest words to guess is pumpkin.

  26. The best strategy as an executioner is to have multiple words of the same length in your head and only starting to put letters when you don’t have a choice

  27. My highschool science teacher loved to draw students hanging there and being eaten by alligators 😂 He always put a name tag on the hangman and filled it in with the name of the student that was annoying him most that day. Sometimes he'd have a back and forth with said student and continue drawing in extra torture devices 😂 I'm not joking this happened almost daily.

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