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Hangaroo is a puzzle game based on the popular Hangman concept. There’s a kangaroo with a noose around its neck, and a title, name or phrase the player has to guess. To complete the phrase, the player must choose letters from the alphabet: if the letter is in the phrase to guess, then all occurrences of this letter are highlighted. But if the letter is not within the phrase, you’re one step closer to game over – if four mistakes are made, the kangaroo hangs!

After guessing a phrase, the player is given a new one to solve, and his mistake count is reset. If 10 phrases are successfully guessed, the player wins, and the kangaroo is freed.


  1. I'm currently depressed right now, I was jus thinking of tying a hangman's knot and suddenly remember this game 💀

  2. Aaahhh Bring's Back So Many Memories 😊SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

  3. I played something like this way back 2011-12ish when i was in 8th grade. i just unfortunately forgot the name of that game. I'm still trying to search every word games on that era tho, i really wanted to play it this time around 😭

  4. I hated this game with a burning passion when I was younger even until now honestly

  5. I remeber playing this and having no idea what the hell i was doing

  6. Played this on my Windows 8.1 Computer before

  7. Did this game give anyone else nightmares when they were little?

  8. I played this when I was a kid. bring back memories.

  9. Can someone share the link to game please. Or make it for Android.

  10. I remember this game is it just me or that little kangaroo was hella rude

  11. I was gonna say yes hang kangaroos they are scary but u already are

  12. Searching for this and watching it a few years later gives me the creeps of seeing a cartoon kangaroo dies

  13. Me and my brother played this when my big brother was 9 and i was 5

  14. the kangaroo roasting people til 2021 and beyond. T.T

  15. Today I still have this game but didn't completed it a single time

  16. i played this when i was a kid. good old times 🙁

  17. I played in my window xp when I was a kid time is really fast bro!

  18. I always playing this game when i was younger, i just realized now that i always hold his life in my every answer, and how he died its kinda darc😰

  19. This game is the reason why i have an obsession with drawing people hanged

  20. This shit scared me when I was a kid. Creepy ass kangaroo

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