Halloween Event Update 40 in Weapon Fighting Simulator

Sister guard
The newest update for weapon Fighting simulator update 40 brought about the halloween event with candy and more


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  1. 3:00 even if u have autofuse, the event items won't be fused into whatever weeapon you have selected and will just go into ur inv

  2. This video is the epic, this update is difficult, also congrats on 50k, you deserve it

  3. I recommend you to kill w24 lird cuz its fast to kill it drops event

  4. 4:12 im not finished the video but i hope u found the candy on top of the lion

  5. Another ps 👀got tired of my big smiley face always in your way? hehehe

  6. This event is actually impossible for F2P
    I calculated it. Even if you grind out every thing to the daily cap you will end up at the end of the event with only 12 witchkins. SMH
    Not nearly enough for the 3 shiny ++
    (If u want i can show my calculation its really simple)

  7. today we have x3 damage, i also use damage booster and i need about 10 seconds for a lord in the last world. after an hour i got 6 candies 😑
    CG for 50k !!!!!! ❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉

  8. You literally have to spend more than 400 dollars to even get a chance to get the new exclusive weapon😂

  9. Congrats on 50k you honestly deserve 500k b it whatever xd

  10. not gonna lie, i got 5 exotics with only 200 candy so if it's luck based, then i guess it's a long way to go

  11. This event is bad, I would have paid 3 or 4k in real money if i had to, like I did for the exotic weapon, but it'd take 50k, that's an absolute joke. gonna quit after this

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