Gulli Bulli In Shapit Hospital Part 1 | Hospital Horror Story Short Film || Scary Toons ||Mjh

Scary Toons
Gulli Bulli In Shapit Hospital Part 1 | Hospital Horror Story Short Film || Scary Toons ||Mjh

Gulli Bulli Aur shawn Ek ladke ko dhundhneke liye us Purane HOspital ke andar jatehain, lekin wahan unke sath aisa hua jiska ihe koi andaza nahi tha, dekhiye puri story is video me.

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  1. Please don't destroy the legend
    "Make joke horror"
    No one can replace him
    He is the best horror animater
    Stop this

  2. This happens when you copy from other created

  3. When your computer ram and graphics card destroyed
    This type of animation we will see

  4. He buyed ram and graphics card on EMI
    But he unable to pay it
    And company takes it :

  5. Bhai. Please 🙏🥺. Part 2. Bhejoo. Na

  6. You are my favourite youtuber so brave for this creators in YouTube ❤❤ Keep it up bro😘🥰😍

  7. Please part Kal Lana Bhai San k Sab Part Banao Put Sab Upload Karo Aise Hm Logo ko Samjh Mai Nhi Haiyga Sab K Sab Part Eik Sath Mai Upload Karo❤️

  8. नंदकुमार नानबाबू says:

    पाठ 2

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