Guess the Tagalog Word – Picture Quiz – Kaya mo bang ma perfect? 20 Questions – IQ Test / Game

LK Virtual Quiz
2 Pictures = Tagalog Word! Challenge your friends if they can beat your score. There are 20 questions. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Comment, Like, hit the notification bell.

Filipino words

Everglow – Patrick Patrikios (YouTube Audio Library)


  1. Hello! full support po from Flordeliza de Paz 🙂

  2. I am from Philippines and I'm proud to say…I got 4/20👏😂I am pure Filipino😂😂thank you so much❤️❤️❤️

  3. شكرا جزيلا لله يحفظك

  4. Sagot ko sa example IKAW 🤧. Kala ko eye+cow= IKAW. hahaha ang bobo ko 🤣😑🤧

  5. hello po..pde po.makahingi ng soft copy nito?

  6. Ang galing!
    Pwede pahingi ng soft copy? 🙂

  7. siss pwede makahingi soft copy now?? need ko lang sa meeting 🙂

  8. Pwede po ba makahingi ng soft copy? For school purposes lang po.

  9. Nice one idol new friend here from makoy Godbless

  10. My support here.. lessons learning nice one kapatid..

  11. Assalamualaikum Indonesia Good morning Tank you nice

  12. Full support host connect from Gina Hernandez

  13. Enjoy for that ,new friend here ,god bless you po

  14. LORD บอกตรง ชาแนล says:

    Hello my friend ✋

  15. New subscriber idol watching bayawan city nigros oriental god bless you 💜

  16. Nice content. I didn’t get even one correct answer. 😂 Thanks for sharing my Fren. 👍👍👍 sty cnnectd 😄😸

  17. Enjoyable channel..sending love and support. Fun and mind blowing. Manay lors friend.

  18. Sending support from mhonjho @Christine Caronan

  19. good game. guessing the pictures right word. Thank sis my fren. still here. 👍

  20. great content kya nung nakita ko to nag subcribed agad ako.

  21. I am Filipino but I got NO correct answer this is much fun love it..

  22. Hello po done dikit at tamsak sayo from Lief

  23. Hi new fren 🙂 here watching..sis Remy R.

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