GUESS THE GIBBERISH – FOOD! Can you solve these food & drink mad gabs?

GUESS THE GIBBERISH – FOOD! Are you a fan of the guess the gibberish filter? Take the MAD GABS challenge to test your genius ability to sound out real phrases from nonsense words. All 15 phrases on this video are a type of FOOD or DRINK. To play, read the groups of unrelated words and decipher them into read phrases before the time runs out. Say the words out loud – slowly at first – listening to how they sound while meshed together… for example, BOE TAY TOE SHIPS becomes POTATO CHIPS. It’s harder than it seems. Pause the video if you need more time! A great way to practice the guess the gibberish insta filter. Have you tried the guess the gibberish filter yet?

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  2. a big like my friend and thank you very much💜💝💙

  3. 14/15 The dancing pizza was distracting. LOL.😂 🍕 Thats what I'm making for dinner tonight! Missed Capri Sun. Fun game Ty.💕

  4. Lol to the nachos and cheese.. This is really cool 😎

  5. 13/15 lol. Not as easy as it looks. Thanks for sharing and take care.

  6. Very nice as always! It teaches and I learn while I am having fun.

  7. 22nd like! This was another epic quiz!

  8. Very informative cool visual and music my friend. 😍

  9. Hello my friend I'm here to support you I hope you do the same thank you and God bless

  10. Very inventive puzzles. I had a good time 🙂
    Warm greetings!

  11. You do a great job, thanks for another fun quiz, I enjoyed it. I appreciate your OK, the video is published. The title is New Free Search Ranking Tool For Your Channel, if you put the title in search, the video should be right at the top, I am not including link since YT often sends those comments to spam, thanks again.

  12. I got them all but:
    Is there any other type of brownies?

  13. I got them all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I can't believe 😎

  14. I’ve got the rice Krispies so fast I only have to look at it

  15. All but pepperoni pizza and steak and eggs

  16. I got four wrong no. 3 and 3 at the end got me

  17. Can I use this video for my yt video for challenges

  18. The background music is too distracting 😤

  19. I tried it in scooby dobee slang and it works.!

  20. Good day! I want to ask permission If i can use your examples for our virtual games for our school?

  21. After I figured out it was I got every one 🤣

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