Guess the French word! Game/Quiz – Learn French Vocab – EN & FR Subtitles

In the 31st episode of Follow My French I invite you to play a language learning game with me! I will describe something in French and you will have to guess what word it is! Suitable for beginners to intermediate level.
During my French classes in Paris it was forbidden to speak English in class, so if you wanted to know how to say something in French, you had to describe which word you were looking to say – in French!! I believe playing games like this and getting used to describing what you don’t know in French will eventually allow you to learn French entirely IN French!

== MY STORY! How am I learning French?/ German? ==

I am English and have been teaching myself French since late 2014.
I learnt the majority of the French that I know on the app Babbel. Try Babbel before you subscribe at:

I document my language learning journey on my YouTube, sharing videos speaking in French, app reviews, method updates, French music recommendations and more!
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I began learning French with Duolingo but found Babbel was better and learnt up to B1 using Babbel.
I learnt the majority of the French that I know on the app Babbel. Try Babbel before you subscribe at:

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From late 2015 onward I tried other methods for learning French such as MOOCs, books, conversation partners and a short course in Paris (Summer 2016).
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Beginning in January 2017 I started making videos in speaking in French on my channel. All have English subtitles and most also have French subtitles too!
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In January 2018 I tried learning some basic German, but I have currently put my learning on hold to focus on French.
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Note on the subtitles:
I am a French learner myself so I frequently make errors when I’m speaking. I try to highlight these errors in the subtitles by putting errors in red and corrections in green. However these subtitles have been written by me, so there are potentially also mistakes in the subtitles and corrections!
Hopefully errors will be infrequent: you should check the comments section for corrections that viewers suggest, and consult a French teacher if you wish to be sure that a certain phrase is correct.


  1. Game of thrones is also called Game of thrones is France 😊

  2. Omg JE SUIS ANGLAISE ET J'APPRENDS LE FRANÇAIS!!!!!! Sameeee im English but learning french my teacher is Madame Davey

  3. loved the game. got all of them. and yeah, it's fun! =)

  4. je suis nouveau sa fais 2 jour(je suis français)/im new its 2 day(im french)i tell it good?(tu dit trop le féminin a place du masculin sa te melange/u say too much GIRL VERSION.ugh how we say it..ugh TOO MUCH GIRL VERSION and never BOY VERSION SO U SAY UNE AND NOT UN!(xD)

  5. At the beginning I understand it everything

  6. Im so excited because I can understand french at a very good rate for me to be a beginner…Im just used to reading it. I can understand my french teacher well because Im used to her. I have to work on understanding different tastes and other people. But anyway, Ive got most of them correct.

    Good video

  7. I loved this video! Your French is great. Thank you for not editing out your errors and the times you had to check the dictionary! It's so reassuring seeing real people learning languages and being confident enough to show the process. Well done!

  8. Ce jeu était amusant. Ton français est très bien. Merci pour la vidéo.

  9. C'est vrai que tu as un fort accent quand tu parles mais ton niveau de langue est vraiment très bon, bravo !

  10. Je suis désolé. Je parle un peu français. But I’m learning

  11. J’ai eu trois ans de français pendant école secondaire et un ans pendant université, mais j’ai oublié beaucoup. Votre vidéos m’aident beaucoup. Merci, mon amie.

  12. Elephants don't live in jungle thou…. anyway great video 😀

  13. je suis de les états-unis et je parle un peu français. ton français est très bien…je voudrais apprendre plus de français à le futur 🙂 aussi, merci pour le vidéo, c'est très amusant!

  14. Besoin d'aide pour le français ? (need help for french ?) ask some french people like me…

  15. I loved this game.😊 Honestly you inspire me to practice french and thank you for that💓💓

  16. i don't speak french but i really wanna learn it, and this video helped a lot. keep up the good work!

  17. The fact that i missed the example is said i said Orange since they are orange plus they have green leaves too lol

  18. Ton francais est nul !!! Non mais vraiment 🤣🤣😭😭… !!

  19. She was talking so fast I felt like Billy Madison trying to learn Spanish…..

  20. Practice rolling your r's to make what your saying more clear. Other than that you're awesome!

  21. Wouaaaah c'est très dur de deviner les mots clein d'œil clein d'œil

  22. I enjoyed this game. I was too busy translating to guess but it was great fun. Thank you. You yet very sweet.

  23. Excellent! Good to follow and to learn things I didnt previous know!

  24. I know she hasn’t posted in two years, but this game was kinda fun. I got really happy when I got something right

  25. J'apprends aussi le français. Je suis un débutant. Tu es trop bon à parler français. J'aime quand tu parles francais. grand effort!!!

  26. You did a great Job..I will try this with my son😊

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