GTA Online player threatens to HACK my account 😂 [Part 2/3]

He threatened to hack me after losing on GTA Online 😂
(Please don’t harass this player haha. Thank you!)

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  1. Gta has more Tryhard and salty player then New world whole player base .

  2. Hahaha just perfect. A perfect video to watch the morning after you’ve been out partying. 😂 It’s so hilarious how he is being such a hypocrite and also getting sooo triggered. Not to mention his logic. Oh my days, someone send help because I don’t have any brain cells left. Plz.
    I can’t wait for part 3!!! 🙌

  3. 3:30

    Is he seriously going to put all his action on him!?

  4. Yeah, I'm now 100% convinced that this guy has been spoiled beyond STUPID by his ignorant parents. How else can someone otherwise be this delusional by not understanding common sense and complain about not getting whatever he wants all the time. It's 2022 people. These waste of good oxygen are out there.

  5. The Reason your in court today "Well he's better at a video game than me and I don't like it"….☹️

  6. I see GTA Online is still toxic, even when their K/D ratio doesn't even go down or up in free roam. So how can he be up on you?

  7. Sad virgin that stain on mother earth
    Even Albert Einstein got cheeks back in the day
    Yet…this malignant cancer takes out his virgin frustration on GTA v players with vile displays of utter wasted life and a stench only a mother can tolerate

  8. Listen to all the kind words hes saying Matt you need to listen to the shit coming out his gob

  9. Bargain Bucket gives drugs a bad name 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Maybe this man needs to get a job and actually use his brain cells if I saw this guy in a session I’d make a 10 part video showing that you are better than him at the game it’s funny he’s moaning and your up on him

  11. I'm telling you mate, 99% of tryhards and those type of players are delusional and have psychological issues

  12. 2:13, LOL, says the guy HIDING in his Facility with his Finger on the Orb trigger… WOW. the gaul of this God mode wanker.

  13. 2:49, IN A FAIR FIGHT? Coward is in constant GOD MODE and he wants to Discuss a FAIR FIGHT?

  14. I think you pushed his patience 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  15. 4;27, Had to be someone wanting to Shut this Loser up. God Mode loser is pinging you with Rockets and some OTHER NOOB steals his kill rather then let him have it… Good on him.

  16. 6:06, it proves he is UP, because he forced a God mode coward OUT of god mode… bet the Kills would be 100 -1 against this Wanker without his God mode on.

  17. 12:14, If this kid HAD the power keeps claiming he's got he would have been booted offline, instead of wining like a little B*tch.

  18. Yo Matt I love ur videos bro. I absolutely love ur content it’s the bomb❤

  19. Wow, he hasn’t stopped talking

  20. Yo I don't think this guy has ever been outside and touched grass. Probably built himself a GF in his basement and just gets Deliveroo. Hilarious stuff.

  21. Lmao love these sorts of players that threaten to hack accounts 😂

  22. His terminology makes me lose every brain cell possible. But thank you for making this in a video.😂

  23. This dude is literally a hypocrite i dont know how stupid people can literally be like this guy.

  24. I’ve literally had some guy do that to me just now.said he was in casino yet he was killing everyone n trying to kill me in my apartment,my mate got him 3 times lol

  25. I’ve literally had some guy do that to me just now.said he was in casino yet he was killing everyone n trying to kill me in my apartment,my mate got him 3 times lol

  26. Finaly pt2 this has been great so far great job cant wait till pt3😂

  27. he's wasting time in court and he's not watching these videos. I still can't believe what I see in these videos, I don't know if he does it to have his moment of fame or is it really like that 24/7. I can't wait to see the remaining part. great videos matt

  28. I think this guy's parents used shredded black and white paint chips instead of salt and pepper when cooking

  29. I can decipher what he's saying…💩💩💩💩

  30. Part 2 of voice chat talking parrot😆😆

  31. I love your videos bro success always 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  32. I wish i could see things from B4RG41N's point of view… I just can't get my head that far up my a**hole. 😳

  33. I suspect Bargain Bin is a danger to himself and others.

  34. Ive tried and tried and tried to troll with sticky bombs like you guys but i cant do it😆 end up either blowing myself up or completly missing the target lol

  35. I normally don't comment but this guy is a neck beard living in his mom's or grandparents basement just a pathetic person

  36. These sessions are getting more and more toxic😂😂😂

  37. The stupidity in the B4RG41N individual is beyond belief!!

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