GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced Is GTA Definitive Edition All Over Again

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Ah, here we go again…

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  1. Honestly I don't think they should even charge $5 for this, it's nothing but a disgusting cash grab and it's forcing people to pay for them merely turning the PC graphics to ultra 60 FPS on consoles.

    At the very least they can update their garbage PS4 version from being frame capped

  2. Every other game comes out with a enhanced update years after release for free but gta wants 40 bucks for more or less the same thing we've played for the last 8 years?? Wow

  3. Why would you "immediately" think they're going to finally add single player dlc lol, they have proven again and again that they're not interested in doing that. It just seems like you like to set yourselves up for disappointment.

  4. I feel like rdr2 was the peak of Rockstar and now its just going downhill . I would not be surprised if gta 6 would suck ass badly . Rockstar is just becoming EA games , remember when EA was one of the most respected gaming companies and released good games?

  5. Who cares what wording was used, you’ll either purchase or you won’t.

  6. I'm digging the new setup here boys no more talking heads on a zoom call

  7. I bought GTA definitive edition (PS5) got over 70% completion in San Andreas then randomly it won't work anymore crashes literally after I hit the continue button on the menu. Vice city and GTA 3 work fine but sand Andreas will not work nor will they even answer me when I begged them for help then a refund don't buy San Andreas!

  8. "Expanded and enhanced" means Rockstar's REVENUE STREAM, not the game! Geesh, haven't you folks figured this out by now? It has nothing to do with games or gamers except milking players to pay for the same thing over and over! sighs

  9. you mean, more $$$ and gambling for rockstar!!!
    no thanks, i already got it for free from epic lol

  10. People's gonna flock like machines to buy it

  11. Who does rockstar think they are? Nintendo?

  12. To be fair, it's £8.75p and got a performance RT mode. Well wort it for me.

  13. I don’t know why they won’t just let Gta V go.. it’s crazy that’s it’s been almost 10 years and we’re still dealing with the same game. Let. It. Go. 😂

  14. the idiots that keep buying these games are the reason i never got a second game

  15. when they say those words, it will be the sign of fall of the entirety of T2 and Rockstar with the every game they develop will go flopped so hard that they disappeared instantly

  16. When they started the PS5 thing with this, I thought it was GTA 6 for a split second and then was the most disappointed I have ever been when I realized it was 5 again.

  17. I have literally never looked at a developer blog and I have followed gaming since the late 90s.

  18. I assumed it meant nothing since I am a pessimist.

  19. My dude it's a massive dense open world if they get anything close to the performance and resolutions they are claiming it will be great. Their is going to be a limit to what they will do they have to protect the reaction to GTA6 if they went hard on GTA V on next gen then GTA 6 will be less of a jump. I'm expecting res and fps boost with lots of anti alising so textures doesn't move and flicker plus some cars that have features from GTA 6 cars🙏

  20. Rockstar is so damn greedy next gen update should be for free not buying a game I already own again for the game to look a lil better

  21. Eye doctor: ok you see that board count to 10 please

    Rockstar: 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

  22. Cyberpunk has shown that the Emperor has no clothes, ANYMORE!

  23. I just bought it cause it was 10$. I didn't own the game on ps4 so I think it's fine. Let's see how it goes

  24. If modern gaming thought me one thing.
    It´s WAIT before you BUY !
    Ive had enough with these half assed games recently.
    I´ll just watch a video on youtube if its worth it or not before buying on Series X.

  25. Okay so is lobby size increased? Any new gameplay features that would separate it from past gen? Will single player have DLC? Will DLC be added specifically for PS5 & Series X/S going forward or will it still be for both past and current gen? Will console have mods? So far all im seeing is just graphical updates….and they're going to charge us for this? Terrible

  26. Of course they announce the pricing right after you film this lol

  27. No people literally hyped themselves over a few words. Expanded in terms of more updates and enhanced in terms of graphically better and that’s exactly what it is. They just don’t say anything more than that. It doesn’t mean you just say whatever you think it is gonna be. Big ole duh.

  28. Im playing Elden Ring. Dont really care about rockstar games anymore

  29. People please don’t buy it it’s not worth a cent we all bought this game to many times and just be patient for Gta 6 their are other games just like grand theft auto auto that we’ve been missing out.

  30. It answers your question why all the talented veterans left the company. Because they don't wanna waste their talent supporting a greedy money-blinded company which now has become a joke.

  31. If you waste money on this bullshit you’re part of the problem. Rockstar would have to pay me to get this again

  32. And they’re abandoning RDO for this 9 year old bull crap. Rockstar has fallen way down. Don’t buy this trash!!!

  33. Josh brown dont ever change man lmao high resolution bushes

  34. What are you guys whining and moaning about?! At PS5 the story mode is €9,95 and ONLINE is FREE!!!

  35. Imagine that getting excited over screenshots… pathetic

  36. At this stage I'd rather pay for a proper Remaster of GTA4 over this money swamp

  37. I've just paid £8.75 for the ps5 version, should have been a free upgrade tho, the dogs

  38. Never bought GTA5 before, so getting the PS5 version for $10 sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

  39. Unless the game is dramatically different there’s no point in buying it. Just wait for the next game to come out, and I’d suggest waiting for reviews first. Don’t preorder. It might not be as good as you want it to be. If it is, great. But you can’t really expect games to launch perfect with the amount of time developers are given.

  40. man, it's insane how Rockstar is willing to completely ruin thier rep with people buying thier games,
    all so they can be greedy and lazy on top of it,
    they keep re releasing the same CRAP, we want something new Rockstar, a new story a new world, a new game,

    they haven't put out a new game that they actually made themselves since red dead 2,

    I hope nobody buys that new gta 5, don't give them the satisfaction, at this rate we will be on the next console gen an these lazy thieves will be releasing GTA 5!!! platinum edition!!!!,
    AGAIN, this time with more clouds and rain drop's,
    and the morons will br lining up to buy it like it's actually something new or something to be hyped about,
    and still no GTA 6,

    at this rate we won't get to play it,
    but maybe the next gen will tell us how amazing it is,

    that is if we are not deaf or blind from being so old 👴 in 30 or 40 year's,

    you gotta wait so long now a days, all over graphics mainly,
    and making pointless extra hallow content that nobody wants or play's,
    and god forbid people have to work any OT,

    dying light 2 is a good example, part 1 was phenomenal, part 2 they just tried to much, and were lazy at the same time, tons of pointless crap and all the good stuff feels half baked, I would have rather had a longer single player story with maybe 2 or so choices that actually changed thing's, so replays would be better,
    the graphics could have been just like the first and it would have still been great,
    a city more like the first that was more unique and didn't have so much copy paste stuff in it, and less meaningless side quests and more stuff like the first,

    if they had done that with a clear vision it probably could have been out in 3 year's, maybe less,

    these games now a day's take what, 5 or more years to make, all so you can play it for 1 playthrough or maybe 2,
    and then you got 5 or more years of waiting for a sequel,

    but nothing is as bad as waiting for a new GTA, we are so dry right now for open world crime games, there is nothing besides gta 5 again,
    so like I said, nothing new, besides wokes row, and even that crap got pushed back, after all that dang time they had making it,
    still they ended up delaying it, probably because they knew most saint row fans do not want, and will not buy, woke's row

    last gen was ok, but this one doesn't even feel like it's started yet, with as long as everything is taking,

    it just makes me miss the old way gaming use to be, from the ps 1 2 days to Xbox 360,
    and some of the last gen,
    we got a whole trilogy of amazing games on Xbox 360,
    dead space, witch still looks amazing today, and is some of the best survival horror ever made,
    next to the evil within, and re,

    could you imagine getting a trilogy of games in one generation now a day's, we can't even seem to get 1 let alone 2 or 3

  41. Not buying this game for a 4th time. Was hoping for a free upgrade like other companies did with some of their games. Anyone who preorders this must be nuts too after the crap that was gta trilogy definitive.

  42. Why constantly compare it to the Trilogy definitive? Those editions were done by Grove street games NOT Rockstar. Plus it's £8 for the upgrade and there is a great deal upgraded. This is just clickbait so you two gimps can sit and whine.

  43. It’s not getting touched unless the gameplay and graphics are ps5 quality. That last edition was absolute a piss take no way I was touching that crap

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