Grass Pokémon are AWESOME now! Hisuian Liligant VSTAR Gameplay

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Liligant VSTAR Deck List:

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  1. Hey I pre ordered tickets for the astral radiance tournament and wanted to know what the next step is. Where do I go to play. I’m just so confused and need help

  2. Are you ever planning on going onto Instagram and posting decklists?

  3. How about the butterfree line than flapple? You could just straight up add the entire line then evolve it during that turn then add 2 grass energy for gardenia

  4. Even just pulling out 5 cards out of your deck to help you dig for a choice belt that you need is pretty nuts. lol.

  5. Could shaymin vstar work as like a 1-1 line in here?

  6. Hey Andrew when you shuffle like that does it bend your cards?

  7. I don't quite understand the logic of the small cuts forward. Weird to see it randomly jump forward to cards being played and Pokemon on the bench being evolved.

    Sure, there's an argument to help shorten the video a bit by doing so. But stuff like this is better off when you see everything that's happening and not cutting bits out.

  8. Do you think the hisuian voltorb would make sense here?

  9. Hey new to the channel my daughter will be 7 soon and pulled a rainbow rare v star dialga and a liligant vmax. She wants a deck for both thanks for this now I’ve gotta build it ! 😂

  10. That looks amazing, i would like to know whether this may work well with Darkness Ablazes baby decidueye

    Edit: I mean with the Hisuian Liligant VStar

  11. I'm looking to add this card to my torterra deck! 👀👀👀

  12. This makes me miss my Decidueye/Sceptile GX deck

  13. I’ve been rocking a Leafeon Vmax/vstar deck for awhile now and feel like it’s insanely underrated, so I’m super happy to see grass getting more support, even if Leafeon is gonna suck after rotation. Lol.

  14. That was a great deck to see. I Like how showed you can get the cards you want.

  15. I hope orbeetle to get better with this new supporter

  16. Jesse's metal GLC deck was so hard to beat last weekend

  17. This deck is nuts, man. Apple Drop is SO GOOD. Commenting to bookmark for later 👍

  18. Keep up the great content but just wondering were can I get the deck list for the Liligant deck

  19. I click the video, I like the video, I watch the video

  20. I don’t hate the idea of having a zarude v in here since there is energy acceleration, extra hp from kricketune, and energy back to hand after attack.

    Love when you do these videos. So much better than table top simulators a lot do. Appreciate the content!

  21. andrew game one:
    and then, and then, and then, AND THEN, A N D T H E N

  22. Venusaur may have a great comeback with this set.. 🤔

  23. Imagine Leafeon VMAX in this list, like a 1-1 line just for the VSTAR power 🔥

  24. Love the synergy and power grass is getting in astral radiance! Gonna have to try this deck out myself

  25. Subbing to everyone who subs to me - comment done says:

    always make amazing video

  26. Another pivot option considering the grass theme would be Kricketune V. Awesome deck!

  27. this is the best PTCG client I've seen yet! Much better than PTCGL

  28. Liligant and machamp are the decks I'm gonna build when this set releases

  29. Jesse im already there but ive got zarude an Leafeon vstar thinking about addin the kricket to bump the hp to 260 on a basic !!

  30. I prefer the Zarude V from Fusion Strike you can make some kind of Suicune Ludi but with that Zarude and Gardenia

  31. Power creep has really acelerated since Mew VMAX hasn't it?

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