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Games With Names
Full Episode: Podcasting legend and die-hard Caps fan PFT Commenter drops by to dust off a 2018 Stanley Cup classic: Game 5, Washington Capitals vs. Las Vegas Golden Knights.

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Hosted by former Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman and comedian Sam Morril, Games with Names is a sports history podcast on a search to find the greatest games of all time. From the infamous to the unforgettable, Jules and Sam dive back into the classic matchups and eras across all of sports history. Joined by the players, coaches, and celebrity fans that lived it, we’ll uncover first-hand insights and never-before-heard stories, shining new light and perspective on the greatest games in sports history.

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  1. Watching this while the Knicks are about to go to the ECF

  2. Washington beat the Bills in that SB 😭😭😭😭

  3. PFT is actually the goat podcaster and DMV sports fan

  4. I just started watching all your episodes Jules, I’m Canadian , from Winnipeg , patriots fan, but u guys can’t talk hockey, and we love hortons morril you mutant, don’t disrespect lord Stanley!! Edlenuts u r a fucking beauty!!! Just ordered your jersey!!

  5. 28:53 missed opportunity to say “hopefully still eating foot longs”

  6. 13:10 pens caps were always the two best teams from the east. How about the Bruins and Blackhawks??

  7. Holiday inn in Timonium, MD off the side of a highway

    Yup Sam was def running Magoobys that day

  8. Julian… are you trying to bring back jorts? 😉

  9. I know they can’t get every guest in person obviously, but this is so much better with everyone together in the same room. Great ep

  10. D.C sports fans are actually one of the few fanbases that I don't find insufferable.

  11. Very sad what happened to Pft’s brother Eric

  12. Sam why stop pod don’t lie for this industry produced podcast?

  13. I just was at club Hakkasan in October seeing Ja Rule lol. It was a great establishment.

  14. You could also call them the Washington Commies.. short for Commanders of course

  15. One of my favorite comics and a Patriots legend. Super glad you guys have a pod together.

  16. Douche bag. Golden knights did their thing that first season. I’m an LA Kings fan. Still respect it

  17. As a Pens fan, this was one of the saddest days of my life.

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