Fun Game To Play on Zoom | Words Within Words

Play this fun game on the Zoom app or any video conferencing apps using the screen share feature. Each player needs a pen and a piece of paper. The images in this video go by fast so please pause the video to give players more time to find as many words as they can within the word(s) on screen. The player or team with the most words wins! This game is great for teachers, students, and families looking to learn and have fun.

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  1. Can you jumble the letters up to make words? e.g WATERMELON has WATER, ATE, TERM, MELON, if you keep the letters within the word in order but if you mixed all the letters up you could have heaps more

  2. Great Friday video. Awesome games and fun!!!!

  3. Hey Shawn I really like ur videos especially the zoom ones there really cool! Thank u a lot I really appreciate your help. ❤️

  4. Nice cool 👍🏻 thanks for sharing. And great 👍🏻 video 😊😊😊😊

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