FULL EPISODE | Tug of Words hosted by Ahmad Rashad

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Two teams compete to answer word-clue questions correctly and pull the flag on the “TUG OF WAR” to their side!


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  1. It was an alright show, but I wouldn't watch it. If you spoke too soon, your answer wouldn't count? It's a timed game though. I guess you have to wait until the clue is finished.

  2. I wish they would revive Caesars challenge

  3. It's good to see the great Ahmad Rashad hosting a word game show again, but unfortunately this is show is dreadfully boring after about five minutes. Some (fun!) observations: The gameplay does not build any excitement and the build-up to the end was very anti-climactic. The use of fake audience laughter and applause track during the (way too long) interview portion was very uncomfortable and strange, are people at home is fooled ever fooled that there's an audience full of people in attendance on these shows? The flag gimmick is .. well.. kind of dopey. Typical GSN generic public domain-sounding synth theme song… it's all so lazy, c'mon guys :p .. Why do they continue to trot out this low-level stuff when there are tons of cool word games to be had?

  4. Ahmad is a good host, and being a word person, I like the game a lot!

  5. Ahmad Rashad is known in the Game Show scene for hosting Caesar's Challenge.

  6. Ahmad still looks good after first hosting Caesars Challenge.


    About Game Show Network
    Game Show Network WAS the leader in game show entertainment UNTIL BUZZR CAME ALONG, offering original and ONE classic game programming and competitive entertainment via its 75-million subscriber television network THANKS TO SATELLITE AND CABLE. Game Show Network has been ON THE AIR for nearly 25 years, and is the premiere destination for fun, family-friendly programming. OR WAS, WE SHOW 18 HOURS A DAY OF STEVE HARVEY, DIRTY & NASTY AS HELL, FAMILY FEUD.

    There you go…

  8. We love this game show. I seems to suck you in if you love word games the way we do!

  9. Tug of words is also a game and also Stud can mean good looming guy

  10. It's FINE. It's not anything spectacular but a format like this isn't going to be. Although I will say there were a few instances where Rashad sounded almost out of breath while giving instructions. Had to look it up bc I didn't realize he was 71. O_O

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  13. This reminds me of those word ladders on Sporcle. This is actually nice.

  14. Very cool & fun to play along with, like Chain Reaction and such. 😀

  15. That stupid host asks questions to women faster and slower to men….what an ****

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  17. I watch the Game Show daily and even tape the show when I'm not home. However, it doesn't seem like Canadians are included in your Contests. Explain why after all we Canadians are adding to your Ratings.

  18. Dam Ahmad looks really old..What happened..bet be wish be had Felicia..lol.

  19. I was on Caesar's Challenge with Ahmad Rashad and won $30,800 and it's on YouTube, too! (Joe vs. Tonya vs. Ryan)

  20. I’m a Vikings fan so I’ll always like Ahmad even though he ran out of bounds a lot, but despite a clock this game isn’t the least bit exciting. It’d make it a little more intense if players were allowed to answer before he finished the clue.

  21. This would be a awesome regular show to watch . Old-school and fair ways to play a game . I'd watch this and the family says they would also and love to play .

  22. Like the game a lot and a nice host….

  23. Waiting for more recent $10,000 winner-games…are you updating soon? Nice to see Ahmad again, too! I understand it is much harder in person, than sitting at home, yelling out answers 😀

  24. Vicariously Cody buck bf jog nooooooooooooooooooo! good CX good good FUD dust fix rid!

  25. Can somebody just bring back Scrabble and give Ahmad Rashad to show his persona

  26. Ahmad Rashad In Game Show In 1992 In 1994 Cesar's Challenge Change To Tug Of Words ⭐⭐⭐

  27. 3 letter ones way too easy. Game will never be a success.

  28. Also the entire game depends on how fast the host reads the clues and how long the clues are.

    No way to fix that.

  29. Ahmad too tense. Needs to relax and stop reading cue cards.

  30. This Game Show Looks Pretty Cool. It's Like the Classic Playground game Tug of War. This is Why Game Show Network is the Best Place to Watch Game Shows Anywhere You Like!
    I think this maybe my favorite game show added to my favorite game show list. Ahmad Rashad has been doing a great job at Game Show Host Giving Clues to the Teams.
    Peter, Stephen, Jessica, and Mallory have been great contestants on this word game show. Fantastic Game Show, Wow. This is Why I Love Word Games. Good Game.
    This Game has Contestants a Chance to Win a Flag and a Chance at $10,000! I know why I am a Game Show Junkie on These. This Maybe Game Show of the Year for 2022 I Believe.

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