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About Chain Reaction
Based on the Sony Pictures Television format, the classic game show – which originally debuted in the 1980s – features two teams competing against one another to complete chains of words, after the first and last words of the chain are revealed. Each word in the chain is related in some way to the word directly above and below it. By making inferences based on the revealed words and the revealed letters in incomplete words, contestants try to fill in the word chains to win money. Actor and TV personality Dylan Lane, who originally hosted the show’s network premiere 14 years ago, returns to host.

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  1. The strange piccolo ultimately stop because girdle lilly cross pro a befitting beard. shallow, superb competition

  2. i feel like i woulda said open space, and sesame seeds

  3. Why didn't they award an extra thousand for each bonus chain completed, thus meaning $4000 total in this case?

  4. No mistakes on the first round but they didn’t solve the speed chain

  5. 5 mistakes on the second round and the solved the speed chain

    The little chain is

  6. 5 mistakes on round 3 and they failed to solve the speed chain

  7. They solved the wager chain and the blue team won

  8. Omg I used to watch this show and Lingo on GSN

  9. 0:50 Fron here on, the contestants seem to know the answers!
    Anybody wanna prove me wrong in the comments?

  10. Watch this game show and I don’t think I have ever met so many stupid contestants!!! Wow

  11. Its so frustrating to watch when you figure out the answers

  12. The cuddly park holoprosencephaly bake because toothbrush acromegaly trade per a substantial australia. hilarious, tremendous vulture

  13. Supermarket Sweep would be great like this show if it wasn't so "woke ".

  14. Can you guy give me some information of MC, please? :)))

  15. Great and fun game show you got some guessing too do 😊

  16. Restaurants Related To Each Episode
    The Sales Ladies vs The Jazz Band- Colonial Diner
    (shown episode) The Soccer Squad vs The Decade Divas- Ruby Tuesday
    The Teachers vs The Princi-Pals- Wendy’s
    The Baking Buddies vs The Pogosyan Family- Brunswick Zone
    Steak Studs vs The Lawyers- Applebee’s
    The 90s Squad vs The Baseball Bunch- Chipotle
    The Foodies vs The Gourmet Crew- UNO
    Musical Moms vs Wellness Women- Outback Steakhouse
    Road Trip Buds vs Baseball Fans- Denny’s
    Mom’s Next Door vs Mama & The Boys- Shake Shack
    Cool Moms vs The Workaholics- Brunswick Zone
    Williams Family vs Writers Club- Chuck E Cheeses
    Entrepreneurs vs Volleyball Bros- Red Robin
    Concert Pals vs The Neighbors- Friendly’s
    The Super Psychs vs Football Friends- Dairy Queen
    Sorority Sisters vs The Luong Family- Outback Steakhouse
    The Sewing Machines vs Dog Whisperers- Denny’s
    Team Beautify vs Macchia Family- Wendy’s
    Foodie Friends vs Travel Gals- Ruby Tuesday
    Fashion Friends vs Garage Gang- Shake Shack
    The Rowdy Roomies vs Team Cat Ladies- Arby’s
    Tournament Trio vs The Potluck Pals- Friendly’s
    Cosplay Queens vs Blanchard Family- Chick Fil A
    Williams Family vs The Princi-Pals- McDonalds
    The Risk Seekers vs The Cabin Crew-Shake Shack
    Theme Park Pals vs Cooking Crew- Chipotle
    Kim Family vs Camp Counselors- Applebee’s
    Puppy Pals vs The Roommates- Arby’s
    Musical Moms vs The Potluck Pals- Denny’s
    The Dog Rescuers vs Perfecto Family- Red Lobster
    The Pathologists vs Health Coaches- CPK
    The Brunch Crew vs Family Men- Dairy Queen
    Cosplay Queens vs The Jazz Band- Denny’s
    The Boot Campers vs Family Friends- Chick Fil A
    Ladies Of Law vs The Brokers- Outback Steakhouse
    Travel Experts vs Puppet People- Denny’s
    Yaffe Family vs The Paddle Board Trio- Applebee’s
    Gym Girls vs Wave Riders- Chipotle
    Debate Club Trio vs Team Canine- Arby’s
    The Word Benders vs Opera Trio- Brunswick Zone
    Third Wheelers vs Book Club Buds- Chuck E Cheeses
    Beach Buddies vs The Brainy Pals- Red Robin
    The Faculty vs The Climbers- Shake Shack
    Country Music Gals vs Urena Family- Red Lobster
    Mango Lovers vs The Scare Squad- Outback Steakhouse
    The Faculty vs Team Canine- Shake Shack
    The Cornholders vs Rom Com Friends- Chipotle
    Elementary Buds vs Fantasy Gamers- Applebee’s
    The Restauraters vs The Ballers- Chick Fil A
    The Swing Dancers vs Fajita Friends- Brunswick Zone
    The BBQ Family vs The Realtors- Red Lobster
    Business Trio vs Running Friends- Chuck E Cheeses
    Escape Room Buds vs Fantasy Leaguers- Red Robin
    Festival Friends vs Brainy Beauties- Chick Fil A
    The Campfire Friends vs Plane Pals- Outback Steakhouse
    Creative Crew vs Team Lashes- Shake Shack
    The Volunteers vs Academia Friends- Denny’s
    The Baking Buddies vs Family Men- Chipotle
    Wellness Trio vs The Jetsetters- Taco Bell
    Marketing Gals vs Dog Lovers- Dairy Queen
    Dance Friends vs Coffee Lovers- The Krusty Krab
    The Cinema Geeks vs Pink Roomates- Chick Fil A
    Steak Studs vs The Super Psychs- Dairy Queen
    Stewart Family vs Family Ties- CPK
    The Gamblers vs The Welk Family- McDonalds

  17. He said "Rocket School." Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣
    Where can I enroll? 🤣 🤣

  18. They really had the balls to replace the perfection that was the 2nd run chain reaction theme

  19. Exercise Class Full Episode
    Music In Video
    Ocean Avenue Yellowcard
    Hey From Sing

  20. Vanessa‘s blind Technology and other things says:

    When he said Sesame Street I like jumped because I love Sesame Street

  21. A couple of ideas. For the end game, they really should just say "under" or "above" once, then they're locked in to guessing that word. Seems goofy to have each contestant repeat the same thing over and over. Also, when they complete a chain, they should get an extra 15 seconds or so. It seems like the contestants too often complete the second chain with only a couple seconds left with no chance to complete the third chain. This leads to an awkward and pointless convo with the host who explains the rules for the third chain even though they can't win.

  22. Chain Reaction is no longer like the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King & Bobby Riggs.

  23. You guys really need to put some music to this. I miss the old one because it felt so intense with the music. This just feels like a casual game of uno in a dark alley

  24. OH BOY! It's the return of "Chain Reaction"! HECK YEAH!


  26. Dylan Lane has clearly done so much better hosting this show in the 2021 reboot than he did in the 2006 reboot. He's clearly stepped up his game!

  27. 8:22 What 's with the word "rocket"? 🚀 Like the raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy?

  28. This guy is annoying you should not have to say under something on the final round when they're all going on a roll and take up that much time..

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