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Oh, Fractured. You do SO MANY things. But you do them so… averagely (if that’s a word). To be sure, there is a lot to at least casually enjoy in this old school sandbox MMORPG. I just ultimately think your time is better spent elsewhere. To prove it to you, let’s put FRACTURED ONLINE under the MEGA the microscope and review what this game does right and wrong.

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  1. OMG dude, with that intro im 100% sure youre a rapper

  2. is it trash?:( thirsty for a good isometric rpg

  3. Seems like Ultima Online, nothing really new. Full loot = grievers until everyone leaves.

  4. Why play this when you can play albion online which is 50 times better and more polished?

  5. Seems like a paid version of superior free games that already exist

  6. Thank you for the warning upload, had a email from glyph that this game releasing on steam. But like others allready mentioned, included the click on map to move and not wasd, it seems a less albion version with full loot drop on kill so a no go for me. Since rl is bad enough these days, not need my game time also be no fun.

  7. Dont touch this game with a ten foot pole, I regret kickstarting it and I love supporting new MMO ideas, its a scam plain and simple.

  8. Honestly, I actually really like the game. It's certainly not perfect and has a long way to go, but it has potential to be a decent game.

  9. Wait did I hear gamigo had even a single participation in this game? Traaaaaaash

  10. it's full loot but is it open PvP? Or is there a flagging system and clan wars and things like that to encourage PvP between people that dont like each other instead of just griefing people?

  11. Great review, have you considered making a separate channel strictly for MMO reviews?
    Might just be me but I'm not interested in the single player game reviews but would totally sub an MMO / multiplayer only channel.

  12. I really love the way you rate games, with a bit of polishing your channel has great potential.

  13. So I bought a founders pack and was playing today for around 5 hours.

    Let me start:

    1) The social aspect of this game needs TREMENDOUS work. You cannot right click another player and invite them to party or guild, etc. You have to click the social tab, hit add member to party, and SLIDE the add member button to the player you want to party up with. When partied with this member, you can see them on the mini map, but not the full map that you open up by hitting the 'M' key. You also need to gather up 4k gold to purchase a plot of land to build a house on, and then it requires 2k gold a week in order for you to keep the plot or else it will be taken away. So be ready to play the game and grind for that gold if you want to keep your land.

    2) The combat aspect of the game is fun. The abilities are run-of-the-mill: Gladiators battle leap into mobs, have some aoe attacks, etc. In order to gain these abilities, you need to kill certain types of mobs. The talent tree is also very interesting and lets you spec into multiple different styles of gameplay.

    3) This may just be me, but there are iron nodes (supposedly where you would go to find iron, right?), that simply do not have iron. They appear on the map, but all you get are stone deposits that yield stone blocks. I tried 8 different iron nodes that were marked on the map and could not find a single piece of iron ore. Obviously, as a gladiator, I need iron for my armor and upgraded weapons. Simply cannot find it.

    All in all the game was a good time as long as you got some friends to play with, but it needs a TON of work. It honestly seems more like an alpha than a beta early access.

  14. I've been playing this game since beta began and I think you made a lot of good points here. It's not supposed to be flash and shiny. But there are a few things that will widen the eyes. The game is ultimately about discovery. The devs themselves have stated it is a spiritual successor to UO. It will appeal to some and make some of the sweaties salty. This EA launch was rough, that's for sure. But we are working through it and like all good betas, it's gonna take a week or so to stabilize. I will be on Terra building a town and purchasing copium in bulk from the Grokotons. Cya out there

  15. Classic scam. The Kickstarter hasn't been updated 2 years. Looks like more of an Alpha stage. Promised haven´t been implemented…I don´t know. Today´s MMO scene is just sad. I am cautiously optimistic about Ashes of Creation. This is the only hope.

  16. can I get a list those other fantasy sandbox mmos? xD

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