F1 Drivers Play Word Association!

Get to know the 2020 grid even better with a game of word association…

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  1. 4:07 ok Dani you were right. Max took away Lewis's lucky

  2. unlucky
    Daniel: Lewis Hamilton
    2021 Abu Dhabi: 👀

  3. Underrated: lando Norris
    Overrated: Lewis Hamilton
    Loud: Abu Dhabi
    Brave: max verstappen
    Speed: Mercedes
    Dangerous: Monaco
    Classy: Seb
    Overtaker: Max Verstappen
    Joker: Daniel riccardo
    Unlucky: George Russell

  4. 0:28 Alex says latifi is underrated and now they’re teammates lol

  5. Albon : latifi is underrated F1 driver

    Abu Dhabi GP 2021 : I'm I joke to you😎😎😎😎

  6. Underrated
    Hamilton: RedBull
    Well that didn't go well, not underrated anymore lol

  7. at 0:40 lews says red bull was underrated!! HE JINXED IT A YEAR AGO

  8. Abudhabi GP Sums up what Danny Ric said about Lewis being Unlucky!!

  9. Can anyone tell me what kimi said when he answered for BRAVE

  10. when daniel said lewis is unlucky its true after what happend in abu dhabi

  11. Why Lewis didn't say Vettel when they asked the friend question 💔🙂

  12. Hamilton answering to “underrated” with “RedBull” aged nicely

  13. Daniel is the only one who unites entire F1 driver community😅😅

  14. Lewis:" redbull"
    Proceeds to be a fine season with intense combat with a RB

  15. 3:05 Latifi named Verstappen for the overtaker, so he already know what will be going on in 2021👀

  16. bruhh lewis straight up said red bull when underrated i am ded

  17. When they asked for overrated everyone was like: “Nah i can’t name Mazepin…”

  18. Graham Hill – Classy! Seb definitely knows his F1 History 😎👍🏁

  19. Why does Lando look like he was crying??? What did you do!!

  20. I wonder how they get the drivers to participate when they know they’ll be on the house seat

  21. Unlucky
    Danill: Hulkenberg

  22. 0:45
    It took us MAZEPIN and SCHUMACHER to really appreciate Grosjean and Magnussen for even scoring points with The Tractor HAAS .

    Now I really feel for Grosjean .
    Massively looked down upon .

    And for those who say Magnussen and Grosjean crashed a lot , just take a look at the no of spins and crashes which the 2 rookies have had with the car .

  23. You know Pierre what Pierre was thinking when Overrated came up🤣🤣🤣

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