F1 Drivers Play Word Association!

Get to know the 2020 grid even better with a game of word association…

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  1. Kevin Magnussen on underrated looked uncomfortable to answer

  2. Hamilton: "Red bull is underrated"
    Those words gave Red bull and verstappen the confidence to win the championship.

  3. it’s seriously looks like norris n raikkonen need help they sound depressed af

  4. "friend"
    Lando: None
    I feel you boy, i feel you 😂

  5. Kimi really meant when he said 'me' on unlucky.

  6. Everyone else : giving the name of their friends
    Hamilton : my car

  7. My big takeaway from this is Lewis thinks he has no friends

  8. lewis doesn't really have any f1 driver friends hahahaha should stop fighting your teammate

  9. Overrated?
    I instantly had magnussens answer in my mind

  10. Never thought i would be feeling a little bad for hamilton

  11. Love that Albon said overrated to Latifi back then, when he has him as teammate right run. Hopefully he can still beat him.

  12. “and Lando is the little joker, he’s getting there” I’m crying hsjshshs

  13. Kimi saying “me” for unlucky in the most monotone voice with zero expression

  14. Speed: Lightning McQueen is the only right answer.

  15. Lol no one said Pierre for unlucky 🤣

  16. Daniel = Joker.

    i really hope Daniel can be in top 3 again. " THE JOKER has won the WDC 2023"

  17. seriously, max comes in when they asking over rated? I also wanted to know about friend

  18. whats wrong wiht ricciardo in this video

  19. albon calling latifi underrated, and now they're teammates!

  20. Why nobody didnt say for jokker raikonen?! 🙂

  21. Declaring yourself classy is like the least classy thing you can say 😆

  22. Latifi: hamilton is brave. Latifi at abudhabi:

  23. Quest: Joker.
    Im not dissapointed with the answers

  24. If you compare mazepin with stroll, stroll is lucky he arrived in the sport at least he won races unlike mazepin

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