F1 Drivers Play Word Association!

Get to know the 2020 grid even better with a game of word association…

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  1. Grosjean was right, he was underrated, he's pretty fast on indy cup.

  2. Raikonnen is one of those school teacher that looks angry but finally let you out 10min earlier.

  3. latiffi is so confident with his answers as if he has won over 20 world championships but in reality latiffi has never finished a race in top 10

  4. This just proves how self-centred most of them are, except for Lewis Hamilton. He outshines them with his wonderful personality.

  5. I joined Charles when he said monaco for beautiful

  6. Grill the grid: "Brave"
    Kimi: "most of the drivers"
    everybody liked that

  7. ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ says:

    So much charechter to kimis last me dammm

  8. Ricciardo: I am beautiful

    Bottas: I am speed

  9. Hamilton saying Mercedes in association to "speed" didn't age well at all 💀💀

  10. Latifi is Underrated – Alex albon
    Mr. Latifi changing result of any race championship within seconds

  11. love how pierre held himself back from saying alex as overrated

  12. Kimi’s energy, I just love it 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Bottas : I am speed… one winner… 19 losers… I eat losers for breakfast 😂

  14. Max:Danieal, and Norris mini joker.
    2021* Circus😂😂

  15. Vettel for Beautiful: Spa

    vettel's hair has left the chat

  16. Daniel Riccardo
    Unanimously elected as Joker of F1
    Funny man lol 😆

  17. Here after Monaco 2022 seeing Charles say Monaco for ‘unlucky’ 🥲

  18. "Loud"
    Gasly: Brazil
    Myself: ohh thank u sweetie

  19. Cuando Kimi dijo "me" 💔💔💔
    2022 y todavía Hass es un peligro xD empiezo a pensar que no son los pilotos

  20. kimi is the cutest driver he's so uninterested

  21. but how can you not fall in love with danny ric after being blinded by his smile in this vid 😔💔

  22. "Unlucky"
    Charles: "Monaco."
    Well this has aged like a fine wine.

  23. Me: hoping Charles wouldn't say "Monaco" to "unlucky".
    Charles: Monaco.
    Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭 it hurts even more now 💔💔

  24. you know what? kimi has earned the right to call himself unlucky. he had way more talent than his stats would lead newer fans to believe.

  25. Leclerc: "Monaco"

    2022 and he's still right.

  26. I love how wholesome Latifi is, he is all around great guy.Not to mention he is a brilliant driver,he is surely underrated

  27. Charles saying unlucky for Monaco just hits different man is never going to do well at his home gp😢

  28. Heartbreaking:
    Lando on FRIEND : None
    Charles on UNLUCKY : Monacco

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