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F1 clash 2022 Mercedes Team Event we kick of f1 clash 2022 grand prix using f1 clash gp strategy to make our way in the champions gp check out our f1 clash 2022 tips to help you get your best f1 clash 2022 gp results especially in the champions gp check it out.

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  1. Race, didn't qualify for finals, sigh

  2. King said: 😄What we get on asset TRADING…😐😕


    Keep up bro! You can hit 100k subs easy!

  4. Great rewards but I can't qualify be coz of 1 point

  5. Today something strange happened. I am at series 6 and I got sebastian vettel of series 7 with 42 of level 1

  6. Hey king should I move up to the next league for the US event or stay in the lowest division ?

  7. How are you brother I am playing the game and today I updated it and the wheel of luck went away from me how can I get it back and I hope you reply quickly and I How are you brother I am playing the game and today I updated it and the wheel of luck went away from me how can I get it back and I hope you reply quickly and I wish you luck ❤️😢

  8. Hey everyone can I ask a question please 🙏 Be a big help if someone can answer.

    I'd appreciate it a lot and I'll say thank you very much in advance !

    What % of tyres do u need for a lap on each type of tyre, on conserve, normal and boost ?

    Again if anyone can answer I thank you vm ✌️

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