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  1. never triy when I was a kid, I was playing physical games

  2. I will try this to my children.nice tutorial…kip sharing.

  3. Tnx for sharing po..heto napo ako..inunhnnagd kta..asahan din kta sa bahay ko..slmt po

  4. Nice tips Idol this one is useful for teachers done Idol

  5. #59 Likes and CONNECTED to your channel.thank you for sharing. Very informative and interesting. Very educational too. Nicely done 👍

  6. hi new friend here keep safe all the time more success to your channel God bless

  7. wow gandang tips tinapos ko hanggang dulo saka ko tinapik sis tapik karin sa bahay ko asahan kita.

  8. Educational games wow super brilliant nito. Oo nga lalu na ngayon bonding na din

  9. Recommendable fun games!
    Hi new friend po, nagkulay po ako sana mkabisita ka sa bhay ko. Keepsafe po.

  10. my daughter is on educational course, i will recommend this video to her..tnx for your video

  11. napakgandang mga idea ng educational games nato sis. tamang tama talaga for the kids instead na manoond lng ng youtube. they will learn to interact with people at mag improve ang communication skills nila.

  12. Ma'am may i go out haha…games activities inside the classroom makes the students alive and learned..patutor ako samin mam thnx

  13. idol yakapan tayo ng bahay. dito nko sa bahay mo unahan na kita hintayin kita sa bahay ko mag iwan ka nalang bakas salamat sayo Godbless


  15. We're again for the support. Proud teacher here po😉

  16. Waww grabe dami ko natutunan sana more pa like this

  17. Any teachers out here, please support my channel will do the same.

  18. I find this content very helpful. Thank you for this. God bless and more power! Sending 💕

  19. Greetings from Costa Rica. Congratulations. This is a really concise and useful video.

  20. Calssroom name ethan chua hai meng (hong silin)eric israel kho gao hao

  21. When fun and learning gets combined it is destined to successful

  22. Thank you for this video, great help for parties, family gatherings & for classroom use…a teacher from Cebu, Phils.

  23. Super I will try this games in my class room

  24. What are used to call the game snowball and we play at the gym if I throw great it was awesome math questions etc.

  25. video anda sangat bagus dan mempunyai mesej yang luas terima kasih

  26. I played charades in my high school math class of freshman. It was a big hit! I am so surprised to see even the students with very little English and Math knowledge were participating. A ton of thanks to you!

  27. How would a homework pass work? Would that just make them get behind?

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