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ZOmbie Mana
Enjoy the first of many long term video series project Did I Enjoy?

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What content you will be expecting is ZOmbie Mana’s excuse to play as many video games as possible to see if it has the capacity as an enjoyable main game, a side game to occasionally play or the game is completely abandoned.

I will simply state what’s enjoyable/not enjoyable about the game, trying not to talk on game mechanics and facts too much even though I wanted too it would make the video very lengthy. For now I’m interested in searching for decent gacha/anime games so by the end of each video there will be some gacha pull attempts

Here’s the video production process, record for at least ~4 hours first impression gameplay then minimum 1 week playing off camera having enough content and understanding of the game to make a video out of it. I can choose to play more than a week whether it be months or years later for a more fair opinion/thoughts regarding the game. Later on once a video is finally release it will be reveal if I even kept playing after the first week.

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  1. I 'am overwhelmed and grateful that this became my most successful video thus far reaching 1,200 views for the first time, thank you all for watching. Most of you are here for Arknights however currently I plan on making content on gacha games in general, Honkai Impact 3rd, Blue Archive, Tower of Fantasy, etc… I will still try to make Arknights related content from time to timeI'll apologize now that I don't upload frequently. So hopefully my luck won't run out next upload. Thank you again!

  2. The algorithm is doing its thing.
    But anyways your luck was insane, multiple 6* in a row with one bag having 3 of them in 50 pulls is too good considering all of them are strong in general. And i love how you raise your operators evenly no matter the rarity since thats a must in AK.

  3. No wonder why I was unlucky on fiametta banner, this doctor took it all.

  4. wow your luck on the standard 20 pulls is insane.
    Nah it's not normal lol, it's HG tempting u to stay in Arknights forever.
    Exusiai and Bagpipe is very good

    Another slight note is that it is a gacha game where u can actively earn gacha currency. In the base the factory can be switched between LMD and Orundumb mode. LMD is normal currency for leveling up and stuff. Orundumb is for gacha.
    Though it is not recommend for newbies since u would need LMD to level up everyone, oldbies could go sacrifice some character progress for gacha pulls because they would already have a decent team.
    Also there's gacha currency in certificate shop that resets once per month. After a few weeks u should be able to keep on clearing those before it resets.

    Very f2p friendly but lots of grind lol

  5. nice luck lmao definitely hoping to see banners pulls if you can do it xD anyway, welcome to arknights, fellow doctor

  6. I hope you enjoy arknights more also next week is the Stultifera navis event with the 6 star doll keeper specialist and the alter version which is specter the unchained also irene with an insane burst damage

  7. Bruuuuh how can he got soo lucky

  8. Enjoy the game! It's always nice to see new player in the game. Let's prepare for the upcoming event for Specter Alter!

    Welcome to the Schwing schwing club ✨

  9. Wow, your pull is so lucky
    I think waiting 4 months to do pull is so satisfied for u

  10. lemon told me to be here, AND HOLY I WAS NOT DISSAPOINTED, great video and now i know where my luck went to…

  11. Don't sleep on the store. Once you start getting max potential in recruitment operators you start getting a lot more of the certificate currency. Can be used to buy some nice stuff.

    The actual money store on the other hand is very ignorable.

  12. upgrade the skills for better performance and good luck pulling..

  13. Well,
    in addition to just promoting your characters, I'd definitely recommend increasing their skill levels whenever you have the resources for it
    it makes a huge difference
    (i think, for a certain 3-star, I once calculated how big a difference. Getting her skill from 1 to 7 was almost as impactful as from level 1 to max level)

  14. Welcome to the game. You can read the full story on youtube if you just wana play it.Also next month there will be an amazing HUGE event, Stultifera Navis.

    Or as the meme goes THE GOLDEN AGE WILL RETURN AGAIN. (Its a song for the boss stage in the event and its a pirate song/sea shanties)

    Also you can get 6☆ in recruitment.

  15. 4 6*s in the beginner banner is nuts and you got 4 amazing ones so you got 5 amazing new 6*s. The first 6* was 100% normal on the beginner banner cause it gives 1 guarenteed. You also got ptilopsis and shes one of the best aoe healers lol.

  16. You can get a guaranteed 4 star or above operator with these combinations in recruitment as long as they are not crossed out: support, specialist, fast-redeploy, shift, ranged/sniper+survival/slow, defender+survival/dps/shift and vanguard/dp recovery+healing. I apologize if you already knew this but just didn't show it during this video.

  17. One mistake you can get 6 stats from recruitment the tags are rear

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