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ZOmbie Mana
Enjoy the first of many long term video series project Did I Enjoy?

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What content you will be expecting is ZOmbie Mana’s excuse to play as many video games as possible to see if it has the capacity as an enjoyable main game, a side game to occasionally play or the game is completely abandoned.

I will simply state what’s enjoyable/not enjoyable about the game, trying not to talk on game mechanics and facts too much even though I wanted too it would make the video very lengthy. For now I’m interested in searching for decent gacha/anime games so by the end of each video there will be some gacha pull attempts

Here’s the video production process, record for at least ~4 hours first impression gameplay then minimum 1 week playing off camera having enough content and understanding of the game to make a video out of it. I can choose to play more than a week whether it be months or years later for a more fair opinion/thoughts regarding the game. Later on once a video is finally release it will be reveal if I even kept playing after the first week.

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  1. Actually, Arknights is first and currently the only game released by Hyperglygh.

    Not to long ago, we got permanent game mode which doesn't require sanity at all (at least, not in-game one) and plays sort of like rougelite.

  2. I literally got 6 star exusiai from the recruitment 20 minutes ago POG

  3. 3 6 STARS IN A SINGLE 10 PULL??? it must be a sign :0


  4. I'm pretty sure u not gonna stop playing after reading my comment… your starting account is prefect,
    u got the main core essence for a hard content well building them is the hard process,
    -Silverash (Also my first E2 Guard and every first day player know how superior he is)
    -Blue Poison (Also my first E2 Sniper if u max specialized her skill 1 she just need 2 sp to cast it)
    -Liskarm (My first E2 Defender,she's the strongest sp charger in the game,tip put blue poison on her side an u good to go)
    -Bagpipe (If u E2 her all your vanguard can cast theri skill early to get Deployment Points)
    -Siege (The Almost Guard vanguard,Her stat is abnormal for a Vanguard)
    -Ptilopsis (My first E2 Medic also the strongest burst Medic in the game with huge bonus as Global SP Regenerator)
    -Perfumer (Medic with Global Regen when deployed every operator on the field got a health regen)
    -Angelina (The Old strongest DPS aspd and regen buffer support,believe me she's the strongest support in the older day and still can server u as the same quality as ever,good DPS utility,Slower,ASPDbuffer,Global Regen buffer just like perfumer)
    -Fiametta (Mortar Bird that's it)
    -Exusiai (Strongest anti air + full auto shot ranged unit in the older day,she still doing it till now,everybody praying to get her back then)
    -Hoshiguma (Strongest pure defender in the game,she has chance to evade a hit,super high stat)
    -Magalann (Strongest summoner in the older day,but kinda tricky to use)

    u need one more thing,Myrtle (Vanguard) all AK player must have her the best serving operator for a 4 star

  5. "long term casual game" – waiting for him to experience cc 9

  6. holy fuck those pulls. jesus chriiiisttt that was insane. not even a single dupe??? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  7. thats not normal, you are lucky as hell lol congrats

  8. what is this….. how can someone be this lucky xD

  9. I'm puking blood you got so lucky on the pulls

  10. The real challenge to play is grinding to make your first Elite 2, after that i would say the game will be easier

    Edit : 6 new six star? Lol, grats dude insane luck


    You're just as fucking lucky as me!!
    (Currently only missing Mizuki ;~; come home jellyfishboy…)

  13. You can get six starts from the free recruitment, but they are pretty rare to see!

  14. Don't forget to Raise 3β˜† operators as well.

  15. A normal pull is getting around 30 pulls for a 6* op, but my dude just got 5 in under 50 pulls. 6* chances are 2%, and you got 3 in a single 10 pull, that is definitely not normal

  16. 11:25 please don't tell me you did not pick the specialist tag? That's a free 4 (or 5 if your lucky) and free green/gold certs. Some tags give you free 4 or 5 stars. Senior ops give 5 stars and Top Op gives 6 stars.


  17. π”Žπ”¦π”«π”€ 𝔬𝔣 π”–π”žπ”―π”¨π”žπ”· says:

    Where’s my luck?! 😭

  18. You should do some lottery after this. That is too lucky.

  19. Imagine 21pull from beginner banner and already got 5out of 6 6star ops in the beginner banner when i started i reroll so hard just to get the best 4star defender with exusiai

  20. Bro 4 6 stars in the beginner banner wtf. That is so much luck

  21. xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG says:

    I cant fucking believe that you got SA as your first ever pull

    Nvm your pulls are just absolutely cracked, I have never seen something like this

  22. Now it should be main game. Watch the anime now.

  23. You should've bought a lottery ticket after those godly pulls. lol

  24. Arknights sucked me in and won't let me go (started basically a few days before the Fiametta banner xD).

    Also, I love the story so much. I don't like games without a good story so it would be REALLY hard for me to have stuck with Arknights if I was forced to ignore the story lol.

  25. dude actually play Arknight without Cuora wow
    what a chad

  26. What in the actual f πŸ˜…πŸ˜… you got 5 6 stars out of 20discount banner.

  27. Wtf is that luck. This doctor got a full roster in one month play games. It took me a long time to get a full roster of six star.

  28. Those 6* pulls were actually disgusting to watch πŸ˜‚ what’s even more disgusting is the LMD cost for all your new operators for a new player though… Your review was nice and good luck moving forward!

  29. Mad lad’s operator screen literally got more lit after 50 pulls lmao!

  30. There is a guide for tags combination to pull sure 4star ops in Recruitment. Useful to generate Gold Certificate.

    Based on your ops, this is my insight:
    Vanguard: Myrtle -> Top Tier fast DP generator. Used in almost every stage.
    Guard: SilverAsh -> his 3rd skill is where you will see his true power
    Defender: Gummy -> good to promote to Elite 2, her passive is very good. Her skill 1 is very useful too, best if mastery 3
    Liskarm is a battery defender. Charging the skill of Ops that is beside her if she is attacking. One example of combo is Liskarm + SilverAsh S3.
    Specialist: You can build Shaw and Gravel, will be useful on situational or later stages specially Gravel.

    Your other ops are good right now.

  31. I'm not sure if you know this but during recruitment there are tag combos that guarantee you a 4* and on rarer occasions a guaranteed 5*. You don't even need a senior operator tag for the guaranteed 5*, you just need to know the specific tag combos to look for. Also congrats on your amazing pulls!

  32. 3 6star??? That is next level luck🀣

  33. Well try to watch the anime then since it just came out last night even though it's only the first episode

  34. How tf did you get 3 6* on the beginner banner while getting 2 more ealier~!?! Wtf is the rng~!

  35. bro is so lucky he just pulled 6 6* ops like its nothing lol

  36. Welcome to Terra. I wish you luck on your rolls and hope you have fun.

  37. E2 ur bagpie, myrtle and elysium.. And ur prob for DP will be gone

  38. Homie in a month at max, Limbus company will come out. It's a great gacha game. And I'm hyped, if you could. Could you review it or see how the game is?


  39. Your luck on the pulls was INSANE. Getting three or more 6* in one ten-pull has a chance of 0.086% or 1 in 1157. Getting six or more 6* in five ten-pulls has a chance of 0.046% to happen or 1 in 2173. Your account is blessed. Not only did you get three 6* in one ten-pull which is incredibly rare, but all your pulls combined are even luckier! Congrats man, also glad to hear you enjoy the game.

    You sometimes don't even get a single 6* in 50 pulls lol.

  40. Jesus, That was probably the most luckiest gacha i've ever seen. Wtf.

  41. Well, you got SA with fist free pull. And that pull doesn't count as those 100% chance to get 6* in first ten roll in novice banner. So you were guaranteed to get one 6* in those ten you did but you got 3. To be honest I am more surprised that none of them was dupes than the fact that you get 3 at ten wich is already insane.
    And then Angi. It means that you got five starting characters from the banner. Usually people get one. You got five. No dupes. How is that possible?
    I won't be surprised if you are the one in the whole world who did this.

    I did reroll acc for like 60 times, I guess. Only one time I got 6* with my first free pull (it was SA as well).

    PS give all the characters what you using skill lvl7. It is so painfull to see them underbuild.

  42. Wth, 3 at once…. Definitely not normal, ive been playing for 3 years, my most is 2 at once

  43. these pulls might be the luckiest i've ever seen in my two years of playing, over a thousand pulls myself, and let me tell you.. those pulls, are not normal. Normally you'll get ONE six star every 38 pulls, but you got 6 in a matter of 50. I can't begin to describe how rare that is, it's akin to winning the lottery. It's not a 1/100 for what just happened to happen, it's not even 1/1000 what you just managed to do is a statistical impossibility

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