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Enjoy the first of many long term video series project Did I Enjoy?

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What content you will be expecting is ZOmbie Mana’s excuse to play as many video games as possible to see if it has the capacity as an enjoyable main game, a side game to occasionally play or the game is completely abandoned.

I will simply state what’s enjoyable/not enjoyable about the game, trying not to talk on game mechanics and facts too much even though I wanted too it would make the video very lengthy. For now I’m interested in searching for decent gacha/anime games so by the end of each video there will be some gacha pull attempts

Here’s the video production process, record for at least ~4 hours first impression gameplay then minimum 1 week playing off camera having enough content and understanding of the game to make a video out of it. I can choose to play more than a week whether it be months or years later for a more fair opinion/thoughts regarding the game. Later on once a video is finally release it will be reveal if I even kept playing after the first week.

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  1. I've literally never seen this amount of luck in 50 pulls. it's insane. it's not normal lmao. HG definitely wants to keep you hooked up

    but yeah, I'm glad you liked it. it's a very good f2p friendly gacha (they're rare lmao) I've been playing for a while now, and it definitely keeps its premise of an amazing gacha tower defense. good luck 😀

  2. 11:26 Dude, why not using your Refresh x3 before running Recruitment, you can get some Senior or Top Operator tag if lucky.

  3. Your luck is obscene. And thats coming from someone who got Chalter on the first days free pull.

  4. No, those pulls are NOT normal. HOW DOES ONE GET SO MANY 6 STARS ON THE BEGINNER BANNER, JESUS CHRIST! Insane luck, man. I hope you keep enjoying the game!

  5. i see … arknights knows how to drain sanity without playing it, yep, just see this video, my sanity is drained already, WTH with that luck, give me some will ya T-T)

  6. Bruh, I only pulled 2 6* in one multi only once in 2 years of playing.

  7. that was the luckiest pull session i have ever seen oh my god

  8. those were INSANE pulls youre so lucky OMG also, on recruitment your tags are important! if you want to know more on what tags get you what instead of random ones look up an arknights recruitment calculator!!

  9. Very nice, your luck was insane! I have been playing for more them 2 years and never got a 3 6* bag. I would like to point out you definitely need to level up your skills, and maybe start considering M3 them on the Base Training Room ( such as SilverAsh Skill 3 and Exusiai Skill 3), i hope you continue liking the game and feel free to add me if you want to, my ID is: Azraeel#5858

  10. "Silverash powerful one of character"

    Most META player:
    "Hold alter Ch'en and Alter nearl"
    You ain't see nothing yet

  11. I know you’ve been playing for a long while, but here’s a few tips to help you that I noticed you weren’t doing in the video (I know some of the footage is from the past and may not reflect how you play now, but I still think these are a good help):

    – When you promote an operator to E1/E2, don’t leave them at level 1. Their stats are the exact same after promotion, and even adding just 20 levels makes a huge difference.
    – Try to get a character’s skill to level 4 if E0 and level 7 if E1/E2. These are “thresholds” that boost a characters ability far more than just raising their character level. For example, pushers like Shaw have greater pushing strength at skill level 4/7 compared to the prior level.
    – Just a mini tip, but you have to have at least 1 E2 in your squad to use an E2 support unit. Even if you aren’t going to use them, try to bring them along so you can use the absolute best version of support ops. (But you E2’d SilverAsh and some other constantly useful ops, so you’ll probably never run into that situation.)
    – When recruiting, try to choose specific tags or tag combinations that guarantee 4 star or 5 star operators when those tags don’t disappear. For example, choosing the “Specialist” tag will guarantee at least a 4 star. Or choosing tags “AOE” and “Slow” will guarantee the 4 star Greyy or Shirayuki. There are websites available that list the guaranteed tags or what operators can be recruited from a group of 5 tags. After a while, you won’t even need to look them up anymore and will be easy to remember. Also, some good times for Recruitment are: 0:10:00 for the cheapest way to collect 2 star ops; 3:50:00 with the “robot” tag for trying to get the 1 star robot ops; 7:40:00 for recruiting any operator without choosing tags or not caring too much if they drop; 9:00:00 for attempting to recruit an operator and DO NOT want any tags to drop (plus, doing this with the “Top Operator” tag guarantees, with no chance of that tag dropping, a 6 star operator)
    – Try to collect credits from friends/clues every day and make purchases in the credits shop. A small amount of daily resources and materials can be collected this way, and you are simply missing out if you don’t.
    – I won’t give any gameplay, team-building, or base tips as those are variable and too lengthy too explain (also, usually your own intuition is good enough to learn a general strategy/routine).

    I hope you continue to enjoy the game even more in the future! Good luck on the Specter Alter Event!

  12. Yea your account is pretty much set.

    You literally don't need the flashy new characters, only level them and how you use them matters. It's been proven time and time again that the game is beatable with a combination of characters that aren't even 6 stars. Hell even 3-4 stars only is very possible for 90% of the game.

  13. Bruh, SA in first pull, blessed account LOL XD

  14. Should make any video for Arknight certain event or some permanent mode

  15. 5 six stars(including the Silverash from the first pull, Exia, Siege, Hoshi, and Angelina) on the beginner banner definitely isn't normal. You're only guaranteed one 6* but you got 5 from it. So jealous since usually you only really get 1, which is what I and many other players got at the start. You're one of the luckiest players out there I think. Welcome to the game, even though you're not that new anymore.

  16. This mofo pulled a 3-6★ operators in beginner banner lololol while here I am struggling as a doctor playing for 2 years already and have yet to experience two 6★ operators in a ten single pull. Lucky bastard, I'm so salty gimme some of that luck bro

  17. bro those pulls are insane, also love ur commentary

  18. my god👽 absolutely disgusting luck on those pulls

  19. I wish I had that much luck on my first 20 pull banner… Oh well, I got a decent set of 6* now but you've pulled a couple 6 and 5 I don't even own yet 0_o
    You CAN actually get 6* from recruitment if your HR is maxed out. It's very rare though.

  20. "I'm starting to think these 6-stars are not as rare as I think"

    That's the thing. It's EASY to get a 6-star in Arknights. The challenge is getting the SPECIFIC 6-star you actually want XD

  21. Whoa hey that's the luckiest pull I've ever seen man XDD
    Hope you'll keep enjoying the game with us, dokutah!

  22. One thing about arknights is most characters are viable in the right situations. 6 stars are stronger than 5 and 4 stars but against certain stages you will be glad you have the lower rarity characters because of how dp costs and niches work. Most characters have a niche where they perform better than others, for example Noir Corne, a 2 star defender, sometimes comes up in clears because he is the cheapest 3 block unit in the game and there are enemies that run through anyone with any less. So because of his low cost he can catch the first couple of them while you build up your damage and then deploy your stronger defenders when you can afford them.

  23. I know it's a bit rude to suggest things, but may I suggest a few tips to better your experience with Arknights? Also, welcome to the game! I always love new players coming in!

  24. now this is a really good start if ever I see one, already getting bagpipe and promoting silverash to E2 will really carry you and even allowing you to attempt high levels of contingency contract

  25. No it’s not normal 😂Congrats to your pull🎉🎉🎉

  26. Doctor, do not fret if you are in the opinion that this game has convoluted dialogue cuz all of Arknights' fanbase agree that it is unnecessarily so. Lore is great but damn does the dialogue drag it down.

  27. with all the ops you now have, youre set for life haha and no, you have been blessed by RNGesus, congrats bro!

  28. Your luck is so insane, getting six 6 stars in 50 pulls is not normal and the 6 stars that you got are strong and very usefull. Congratz on those pulls. Hope you enjoy and keep playing the game, it really is a good game. Been playing Arknights since day 1 of the EN release.

  29. I highly recommend, if you rush anything, try to rush building your base. Get through the requisite stages first (the last needed upgrade component for your Command Center is earned after you clear 4-7). Because once you have your base in place, the passive LMD (Lungmen Dollars) and EXP tickets will enable you to essentially forgo farming LMD or EXP for the most part. Personally, I haven't farmed LMD or EXP in over 2 years. And that's even taking into account the fact that I have every 6* unit E2'd and a huge chunk of 5* and 4* units E2'd as well (for me, that's 119 E2'd units, more than half the cast). If you clear event shops they also net huge bundles of resources as well that are much more efficient than farming regular stages.

    As it is, I never drop below 1-2m LMD, despite the fact that every new event I E2 every new 6*, and sometimes the 4*/5* units as well if I like them enough.

  30. Hypergriph is not game company, it just music company with side game company because the music is main buisnese LOL

  31. Bruh, mans really emptied that beginner bannerfor all it had… Sheesh.

  32. Dude what the hell is wrong with your luck!!????

  33. the hardest part of Arknight for me is … reading all stories, then gacha luck

  34. no, you are not just lucky

    you are fvcking lucky bastard

  35. 'none of the characters are human' 'shows ash in support tab' Rainbow six collab operators are human. cuz they are from earth.

    your base might not be good with 2/5/2 setup if you are only logging in once a day. I'd have to look at the numbers but I was under the impression 2/5/2 requires more mainteance than 2/4/3.

    was going to say 6 star from the newbie banner is guareenteed but then you got 3 on the newbie banner. which is a lucksac. uh, not sure if you get a 6 if you pull silverash on the newbie pull. but it still said free six on the newbie banner, so one of those was probably guarenteed. probably the one after silverash.

  36. Alright i just drop some Youtube channels who can help you if you interested in some case :

    – KyoStinv (most of the player called him the backbone stages guider of the community because he's the influencer of that trend)
    – Eckogen (almost the same as KyoStinv but he always try to make some funny puns)
    – Kukkikaze (the best and the most informative person i've ever knew to explain every detail of some event or just some entertainment video)
    – Frostbyte262 (he often tells us whether about upcoming banner or lore in the game, and some interesting events too)

    You could also check another youtuber who have some unique gameplay or a complex one, up to you.

    Anyone want to give him another recommendation youtubers? That would be help some of us too in a bit:v

  37. damn those pulls are insane! congratulations!

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