Death of a Game: Mortal Online

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#DOAG . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term “death” in the context of the show as either… 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn’t do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.


  1. "It wasn't just for PvPers"

    My experience:
    Play for about a dozen hours in the "safe" areas. Venture out into the wide world to try and do some business (in the most worthless starter gear possible).
    Get assaulted by a group of people ganking on noobs, killed for no reason (as I didn't have anything of value, which was obvious).

    Yeah… I don't think I share your initial assessment.

  2. if you were a troll, then I don't want to think what I was. (Kel says hello)

  3. oh man mortal online. one of those games i wanted to like but really couldnt.
    played it in the beta way back when. it was kinda fun goofing off with full servers and spamming "guard" in the chat to crash the servers, but eventually (imo) full loot no rules games just arent fun. after the 10th times getting pked 5 meters outside the city trying to complete the tutorial i just stopped.
    though the scale of the game world was truly amazing

  4. Death of a game for battlefield 2042? I’ve been enjoying the dumpster fire but would love to hear your perspective.

  5. I would love to see a d.o.a.g on ultima online I played as a kid and still get the itch every now and again

  6. This game just makes me want to play the Morrowind remaster mod. That 2 decade old game makes this one look like trash.

  7. Rookie mistake: Shoulda called it Immortal Online.

  8. I love how much this channel has grown since it's beggings. More power to you, man.

  9. This felt like the history Channel for gaming. Reqlly well presented. I never got to play mo1 but just seeing some of the areas got me hyped to see them in mo2. See yall online

  10. When we will see Death of a Game: World of Warcraft ? I think is time isn't ? 🙂

  11. Perhaps the biggest hurdle of MO (and MO2) is the new player experience. Quite simply, it is horrible. Some better design, to teach the basics and get people invested in the game before tossing them into the world, would do a lot to retain players. I can only imagine how many gave up before even a single hour has passed.

  12. I blame Josh Strife Hayes for the death of Mortal Online. 😉

  13. Hardcore games are niche and their audience fickle.

  14. What does having an avatar pic of the original Blue Ranger have to do with being an insufferable troll? I genuinely don't get the connection.

  15. Do Life is Feudal: MMO next. It's another full loot sandbox/survival PvP MMO which was closed a year ago due to legal issues with its publisher.

  16. They already shut down Mortal Online 1 weeks ago. I don’t believe there was ever any plans to keep the server going.

    Mortal online 2 is actually quite amazing though and everyone should play it!

  17. “Pay test” and “nearly devoid of life”… sounds like a review of MO2 so far.

  18. Since the server issues have been fixed for MO2, it's been such an amazing experience. Best MMO i've been able to get into

  19. I play MO2 every day and can't get enough of it. the queue is figured now and I have a fuckin blast

  20. Mortal Online, very much lived up to it's name.

  21. Mortal Online 2 is SO MUCH BETTER. The que times are fixed now too. I haven't been this hyped about a game in 10 years. The fact that Starvault already has a deal with Epic Games to move MO2 to Unreal Engine 5 over the next year is also very promising

  22. I googled the teaser and…. I have never hear of that game wow

  23. Do you play Mortal Online 2 still? The server queue is no more with the alt servers, and I'm having a lot of fun! I never played MO1, so it's exciting to figure out all the complex crafting and trading features. I especially like that you only have one character so you have to interact with other players (unfortunately some sweaty people have more than one account and play two games/characters at the same time, though).

  24. SAUSAGE LAKE!!! Also, holy SHIT you name dropped KR!? I joined them in Rift. Enerzeal and Vunak still around. Guild's been rebranded, though. Currently dabbling in Lost Ark.

  25. Kindred Rising damn that was awhile ago. Enz and I are still kicking around

  26. I can skip the whole reason for your 25 minute video and says it farmerjoe/Sebastian's fault, that was the sole downfall

  27. You can do what you want right up until the point where some overlevelled grief-weasel decides to murder you, then you stop doing what you want, or anything else.

  28. Can't wait to see the "Dotg:Drakensang Online" video 😊

  29. Its up to players to create a decent NPE and there are plenty of us that are vets that attempt to do so. Help chat and the community are both some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the game. The help chat is vital to NPE for better or worse. They could definitely improve on that still.

  30. still, MO1 survived enough that SV managed to make MO2, a much better sequel

  31. Mortal online 2 is amazing now it had a rocky start but it’s going good now

  32. I was wondering, would you consider a series of "life of a game", where you get into what an MMO did right to keep its audience

  33. nerdSlayer and Unreal Engine 3, name a better rivalry.

  34. I owned copy 888 with that weird special edition bag that looked like someone wiped their ass with it

  35. Mo2 has its issues but its 10000% better launch then Mo1 was lol……. They can grow on this once they figure out servers and some bugs.

  36. "They're just memes. Sometimes memes are true."

  37. Watching this while playing MO2 it's sad to see the same issues basically carried over to the second game. I really hope the devs get it right…. I love this game.

  38. The biggest queue I've encountered is 20 minutes, no worse than escape from tarkov. It's worth playing, I've had it a week and already got 50 hours VERY addicting

  39. how come the character models at 8:47 and a bit onward look like very fancy 2d sprites?

  40. Well to put it short, as endlessly possible as it was advertised, there wasn't enough possibilities for new players to have fun.
    So it results in there being no more new players, and slowly results further in no more Mortal Online.

  41. I completely missed Mortal Online altogether after my hopes with Darkfall weren't met. I'm playing Mortal Online 2 and having a great time… It's just not the kind of game that is going to appeal to a massive audience but it definitely has a solid niche and the game they're trying to make is the one I want to play.

  42. UPDATE your video Son as they have allrdy fixed the ques and its videos like yours out to make money for YOU that really kills a game – another uselles youtube video where the maker doesnt kn ow wht he talks about sigh……

  43. Don't be deterred by the hardcore nature of the game, there are many guilds such as the Guild I run in MO 2, Carebears, that help new players get into the game and learn why people continued to play Mortal 1 for 10 years. The answer is solid crafting, competent combat, a massive world with decent sandbox tools.

  44. Retarded YOLO PVP killed many MMO's around that time. I can't remember the one game but I remember there was a safe no gank area until you got to lvl 10. Then right at the zone exit were max level players waiting to kill anyone stepping outside that area. Needless to say, that game and many like it didn't last.

    Funny enough Star Citizen is going to go down this route with always unlocked space ships…. because Chris Roberts can't possibly see how people paying real money for ships are going to react when someone just takes it from them with no recourse. Hell in the open alpha when you could first use the space station… spawning a ship and the 10minutes it took you to cinematically get to it someone just waiting on the pad could take it.

  45. Idc what anyone says. at the end of the day a game's likeness is in the eye of the beholder.

    But Mortal online and MO2 are the most unique games ive played. everyone keeps screaming for a new style of MMO and it's right infront of us they just refuse to look at it because of it's niche market.. such an amazing game despite its flaws. best games ive ever played with the best memories possible.

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