Dagor Aglareb – Noldor’s Victory – Middle-Earth First Age #2.3 LORE

Wizards and Warriors
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Wizards and Warriors animated fantasy documentary lore video series on the world of Middle-Earth – Lord of the Rings continues with the second video on the First Age. Previously we discussed the creation of the world of Tolkien, its powers and races and we see how and why the Elves became the enemies of the Dark Lord Melkor, who they called Morgoth, after their leader Fëanor cursed him for killing his father Finwë and stealing his prized possession – Silmarils. In this episode we see how the evil first rose in the world of Arda and will talk about Ungoliant and other evils, about the Valar and Maiar, about the Elves and their sub-groups – Vanyar, Ñoldor, Teleri, and Avari (), while this video will show the continuation of the events. In Middle-Earth, Morgoth attacks the Teleri Elves in Doriath under Thingol and his allies Cirdan and Denethor starting the War of the Jewels with the First Battle of the Beleriand. Meanwhile, in the Valinor, the Noldor Elves of Feanor attack their Teleri relatives in the First Kinslaying in order to take their ships. Afterwards, Feanor and his sons travel to the Middle-Earth in order to fight Morgoth and take the Silmarils, leading to the battles of Dagor-nuin-Giliath and Lammoth and the death of Feanor (). In this episode we will show the aftermath of the death of Feanor, as the Noldor kingdoms rise in the Middle-Earth taking on Morgoth once again, this time at the battle of Dagor Aglareb, where Feanor’s sons Fingolfin and Maedhros, and others fought against the Dark Lord. This episode will also feature the rise of the humans – the House of Edain.

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Writer: Frank Ó’hÁinle
Illustration and Animation: Arb Paninken
Map: Adam Ellis Charters
Narration: OfficiallyDevin ()
Editing: Kamran Maharramli
Producer: Nurlan Karimov

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  1. I kinda like how Morgoth is just a punk who keeps losing battles.

  2. Even though I know the entire story, it’s even more sweeter hearing you guys tell it. I can’t wait for the next episode 😊

  3. Favourite series on this channel by far, I was already a longtime fan of K&G and a huge nerd for LOTR so this takes the cake my man

  4. I love that you use Womderdraft for your maps!

  5. I would love to see a video for Wheel of Time and dragon age.

  6. think a gears of war or halo serires would be kool

  7. The entire crew of people behind Rings of Power should watch this and learn something about the lore they're working on.
    Fantastic series.

  8. 'Twould be mighty nice to see some good ol' Might & Magic lore on your channel.

  9. These videos are amazing but please please please learn how to pronounce the names properly 🙁 the way you say Aule just burns my ears (Aloo-ee???)and Hill of Himrang?? House of BEEor??? Also doriath the name should be placed over doriath not dorthonion.

    But I fucking love these videos and just want them to be perfect!

  10. I love this channel so much, I beg of you, keep it coming!

  11. Imagine Morgoth returned after Sauron made the One Ring and took it off him

  12. God I love these videos so much. Idk how to explain it but you really capture the feel of the first age. Love the animation

  13. great video, so much better than the rings of power…

  14. It's kinda fun that as I listen, my mind runs through how I imagined, or visualized from reading the story in the book.
    Thanks for your wonderful efforts!

  15. 4:37 off topic but maybe important to someone: this was the moment Men awoke. this is in contrast to the theory that Orcs originated from Men -> chronically not possible since we see that the Elves already were fighting Orcs. Hence I dismiss the idea of Orcs being bred from Men as their origin and I for myself will stick with the idea of corrupted Elves.
    (the Orcs-being-corrupted-animals-theory is total crap and not worthy discussing)

  16. “Seeds of Morgoth’s taint”
    You know what you did

  17. can u do Starcraft videos and Valkiria Chonicles

  18. I revoked my original dislike, because apart from map problems, the video is really good. But I am really appalled at the amount of label and icon misplacements on the map. The underlying map itself is very good and precise regarding the shape of mountains, forests, rivers, coastline, event how you expanded the map to the east. Some details could be discussed, but they are really details. But the labels are jumping here and there and if someone is a fan and knows the map of Beleriand, placing the label Doriath over Dorthonion and Dorthonion over Ard-galen, extending Lammoth and Nevrast to the east over the mountains into Hithlum, putting Brithombar where Eglarest should be and Eglarest where nothing known is, putting Estolad where there should be Himlad, March of Maedhros in Lothlann… Why? Those are just the most obvious eye-plucking things. Also, the Dagor-nuin-Giliath did not happen east of Angband but west of it in and near Mithrim and Maedhros moved to the east only after that (which you then clearly stated, but the previous map was misleading). You should really improve your map review process, this is far from the first time and the errors were too many. So much great work put into the underlying map and so lazy label placement, which is a much easier thing… It almost seems to me you have a saboteur in team. Also, I would welcome if there was a year of Edain arrival clearly stated (FA310-313) to give the viewer a better sense of the passage of time. Also I think you should have mentioned the construction of Minas Tirith. But those are really details compared to completely misleading and jumping region label and icon placements. Why?

  19. At last! I've been waiting for this. Where can we find the themes you use in your videos btw? Thank you.

  20. incredible series ! so well put together its my favourite lore of all time ! thank you

  21. I know this is childish, but Cirdan of Falas made me chuckle.

  22. Being saved by an eagle was a thing already back then!

  23. Man I really love your work here ..

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