CVC Word Game Kindergarten | CVC Word Activity for Kids

CVC Word Game Kindergarten | CVC Word Activity for Kids //

CVC = Consonant Vowel Consonant, 3 letter words
In this video, I asked my kids 30 questions in the form of clues, meanings, fill in the blank, etc for them to guess the 3 letter word that fits the description.
Then they had to spell the word by stepping on to the alphabets that they had written with Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk**:
This activity helped them practice their alphabets, phonics, and spellings, they also had to listen carefully and process the question in their mind to guess the word, while getting a little movement done as they learn.
One activity, multiple benefits.

My list of 30 questions and a list of 120+ CVC words, along with suggested activities for learning CVC words shared here:

My kids are 5.5 years old, in Kindergarten.

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  1. I love this idea. I'll be playing this with grandson soon.

  2. Amazing idea 👌👌 hey dear, where I can get this ques list ???

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