Counter-Strike 2 and Making Games in Fortnite – Easy Allies Podcast – Mar 24, 2023

Easy Allies
Ep 363 – Counter-Strike 2 is the name of an actual game coming soon, developers can publish games directly to Fortnite, and Bloodworth calls in from GDC.

0:00 – Opening
1:36 – Corrections
2:54 – Counter-Strike 2 Announced
14:41 – GDC Awards
22:31 – Bloodworth at GDC
43:58 – Redfall May Remove Online Requirement
52:59 – Fortnite Creative 2.0 – Making Games
58:45 – A Word From Our Sponsors
1:01:11 – Also This Week
1:17:36 – L&R: Convincing Without Spoiling
1:21:25 – L&R: Leaning Hard on Remakes
1:28:46 – L&R Game: Drift Compatibility Test
1:36:31 – Time for Bets
1:40:26 – Closing

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  1. Bloodworth did something in a hotel that he can't talk about? 😉

  2. Eurogamer used to be my favourite website for gaming, as it was just that, gaming!

    Then they refused to even acknowledge the existence of Hogwarts Legacy. Luckily Digital Foundry did a video on it, but still… I want gaming news, not political/social stances.

  3. 43:00 Redfall requires online only anyway, because it's on Game Pass. You cannot play the games offline. How many people are REALLY buying this game on Xbox?

  4. This episode was a joy to listen to. Brad did a great job facilitating the conversation, and the lively chemistry between him, Huber, and Damiani really shined here. Shout-out.

  5. Thank you guys for reacting to The lords of the fallen 💜💜not enough people are talking about it 🙂 !

  6. Gonna comment this on every podcast till it changes but
    Yall should be ending the better help sponsorship after they got caught lying about stealing data, on top if all the other controversies/issue with the company

  7. Any day that BetterHelp contract is going away…

    Any day now XD

  8. Why make a physical redfall if ur required to be online?

  9. Guys, I can 100% guarantee you that they're aware of the betterhelp stuff. They're contractually prohibited/obligated to not address it and/or continue the shout outs.

  10. I think remakes and remasters are good. Especially they are good, in terms of introducing younger generation to the old classics we love. Person who was born 2005 is 18 years old now and that person was not born or too young to play when lots of essential games are released. Also I did not have all the consoles/platforms when I was kid. I've missed lots of good games in the past. Remakes/remasters gives me opportunity to play them.

  11. Was able to snag CS2 on fantasy critic! Let’s go!

  12. Jabbawaba must be rich.hes always on these shoutout teirs

  13. Should we expect the podcast to go live this early on Sundays in the future or was this just a one time thing?

  14. DuelSense is where it’s at.
    Been playing in PS the last few days.

  15. Forbidden West probably didnt win the technical award because its technically very incompetent. For example I still can't get over how awful the stealth kill animations were in that game, Aloy would literally thrust her spear into thin air to takedown enemies.

  16. Excited for Horizon DLC cuz I just platinum'd the main game earlier this year, so I won't be rusty for Burning Shores. I am surprised it isn't coming for PS4 version but it gives me confidence that they won't be compromising the world design or floods of onscreen enemies. I played 90% of Horizon 2 via the PS4 version before I got a PS5, and the performance mode + SSD was such a treat, I could actually beat the final Arena match smoothly. I remember the PS4 version often struggling with NPC textures not loading fast enough and the screen going black when I glided off certain areas like Plainsong. Oh well, still playable and at least it wasn't a Cyberpunk situation.

  17. Correction: 10:28 going through walls would be the “noclip” command, not the “clip” command. Clipping is when there is object collision with the player

  18. Going LIVE to Bloodworth should be a weekly segment. Make it work 😁😁

  19. I understand Isla's take on FF7R being reflexive but part of me gets concerned when I know that a huge part of that game's audience was brand new to the series. FF7R was NOT subtle when it came to its identity, and it made me conflicted when I'd recommend it to say…friends who are down for hype ARPGs (but maybe not old turn-based stuff) featuring iconic characters they've missed out on for decades. Since everyone assumes Remakes are generally great for newbies as well as nostalgic veterans.

    Personally, it all works for me until they start leaning into Dirge of Cerberus stuff, the spinoff I didn't play. I mean, they may actually make it GOOD, but I personally may not understand the payoff without the necessary background.

  20. Great podcast! Also gotta keep showing my support for Damiani, looking great, keep up the good work!

  21. Your sponsor is trash, nobody should be using BetterHelp! Since Easy Allies are staying silent I guess it is up to the subscribers of this channel to warn others about their horrible sponsor.

  22. Next Gen: smoke that is…acutally smoke.

  23. 1:04:30 One example: For Dragon Age: Inquisition on PS3/PS4 Xbox 360/Xbox One, the first story DLC Jaws of Hakkon was (eventually) on all the consoles, but The Descent and Trespasser were only on the later gen. They similarly switched to later gen only after the first few multiplayer DLCs.

  24. 43:58
    Those excuses made for Redfall are ridiculous — don't worry about getting data from those who play offline, there are more than enough players who don't consider disconnecting or who will actively participate in multiplayer to give enough telemetry data for your game.

    Also, like, maybe test and polish your game before you release it — misplaced ladders force all players to always be online no matter what?

    And you're "searching" for a solution as though of course a game would force players to be online? The solution is easy! Don't require online for single player games!

    "Accessibility" is a smoke screen and the Allies ate it right up.

    I hate it when devs are asked to cover for the asshats who make these decisions, I would prefer the money interests to come out and say, "We're forcing people to be online because when players choose to be offline they're removed as potential fodder for our monetization and data schemes."

  25. 1:11:57
    I love the first Lords of the Fallen, it still looks beautiful today.

    And the trailer for the new game is showing off Unreal 5 very nicely.

    I say Lords has a very good world with a good story and voice acting, I am certainly invested when I'm playing.

    It's important to revisit our opinions, to not lean on a conclusion made nigh ten years ago. So instead of revisiting the review, revisit the game itself.

    Don't try to remember what your impression was then, let a new one form.

    I used to hate every Souls game that I tried playing but it was actually Lords coming to Xbox games with gold in 2016 (it came out in 2014 and was not on my radar at all) that got me to revisit Demon's Souls, which I had previously purchased on PS3 and put on the shelf because I thought it was a bad game.

    I'm grateful to Lords for getting me into the Souls genre because after playing Lords I was able to enjoy Demon's and I now love both games about the same.

    I went on to play Dark Souls 1 and hated it, honestly, but I've revisited DS1 several times and now I think the game is ok.

    So, please, revisit games frequently and keep an open mind.

  26. Kingpin is supposed to getting a new version but got delayed alot i think

  27. 1:12:50

    The 2014 Lords of the Fallen was co-developed by CI Games and Deck13, but CI games owns the rights to Lords. CI Games created a new studio, "Hexworks", for the development of the sequel, I suppose to keep "CI" as a publishing brand or perhaps to differentiate between Lords and Sniper Ghost Warrior teams.

    Deck13 went on to make The Surge with publisher Focus Interactive and used much of the same groundwork that went into Lords, which I'm sure pissed off CI Games very much. Now Deck13 is working on a game titled "Atlas Fallen", due May 16th, which can't make CI any more happy.

    Isla hesitantly calls The Surge an "almost good game", rather a backhanded complement there. In fact, she did enjoy what she played and streamed of it, I was always hoping she'd go back.

    I think that Surge 1 is better than "almost good", I think it's flippin phenomenal. Surge 2 was a giant disappointment for me, though.

  28. On the subject of a Devil May Cry remake, this is what i’ve wanted since DMC5. Mechanically very similar to 5 but the game opens with Vergil as the playable character, fighting his way to Mundus. Then the rest of the story takes place as Dante and you unlock Vergil when you finish the story, and you can replay the game/missions as him. Also a few side missions as Trish could be good.

  29. 1:15:37
    There is no division on the Nightdive remaster of Shadow-Man, it's an excellent reworking of a classic game. If you are a Souls fan then you need to play Shadow Man, it's a brilliant game and I love how Nightdive strives to keep the spirit of the original artwork in all of their remasters, Doom 64 and Quake are also brilliant from them.

  30. Remake wishlist

    Banjo Kazooie
    Conflict Desert Storm 1&2
    Deus Ex
    Dino Crisis
    Freedom Fighters
    The Getaway
    Jurassic Park Trespasser
    Killzone (+co-op)
    Metal Gear 1&2 Solid Snake
    Mission: Impossible
    MK Mythologies (Arkham like)
    RE Code Veronica X
    RE Outbreak Files
    Silent Hill Origins
    Siren (in vr)
    Syphon Filter
    The Thing
    Time Crisis (VR remake)
    Zelda 2 (still 2D)

  31. 1:17:56
    Answer: DO spoil the good bits.

    Whenever anybody says to me, "You need to do X" but doesn't want to give me any information for fear of spoiling me, I say to them "give me the spoilers" which inevitably is responded with, "but then you won't do it!"

    For me, I can't really care about something recommended to me without that kind of information, it gives me nothing to go on. I want to know what excited you and why.

    I have never been spoiled on something by knowing what somebody thought the good bits were before hand.

    If you give me the story of what the good bits were to you and how you were affected in those moments then I become intrigued, and I always have my own takes afterward.

  32. A lot of Dreams users will probably move to Unreal. As a tool it’s just too powerful to ignore.

  33. Huber's such a nice dude, shout out for the relentless positivity and care ❤️

  34. Surprised they based the PC version on the PS2 code since the PS2 was as far from a PC as possible.

  35. Love how Blood has been bringing it in the host chair ever since he took over the EZA podcast but I gotta say I love the energy Brad brings to the driver's seat, a little edgy, a little brash and I'm diggin' it, it brings everyone to life. How about flippin' those EZA P and FT host spots from time to time? Flip! It!

  36. I'm surprised they didn't bring up that new AAA TMNT game being announced, which is going to be based off of The Last Ronin miniseries. It's going to be an action RPG based on the Norse God of War titles. I'm interested because one) it's going to be the darkest take of TMNT yet, with you playing the only surviving turtle on a revenge quest to avenge his family and two) I can definitely see GOW's combat translating well to it since said turtle will use all of their weapons. We have years to wait for, but definitely keeping my eyes on it.

  37. I know brad hosts frame trap buttt I wish he hosted this one too, these episodes are way more enjoyable. Not hating on blood but we need a new interesting host

  38. The Sleepy Grizzlies sounds always gets me laughing lmfao, they're different every show.

  39. Very superficial CS2 discussion. You did not seem to grasp that it is basically (and literally delivered as) a(n) upgrade to CSGO and not an entirely newly built thing. Militia hasn't been in an active roster forever and Nightvision doesn't even exist in CSGO / CS2 which is now out for a decade. Also not modding tools but mapping tools.

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